team of paintball player holding paintball gun

Getting into paintball can seem pretty daunting. Where do you begin with all the gear, equipment, and markers? This guide has got you covered we’ll be looking at some of the guns on the market to make the decisions a bit easier.

How to play paintball for the first time?

Contact your local paintball field and get onto a game immediately. If you’re looking for a more specific answer, the aim of the game is for your team to reach the objective point with the most players. All shot players must announce that they’ve been shot and exit the field.

Does paintball hurt?

Yes, slightly. It’s not a severe pain and most people say it feels like a firm flick. Pain will vary depending on the location of the hit on your body but is all part of the fun.

Types of paintball marker

Pump – Pump paintball markers were the first and only markers on the market for some time. Pump markers are for seasoned professionals who are looking to show off. They take some skill to operate and for that reason, have a loyal following.

Electronic Marker- Electronic markers are typically the pricier option and combine the best mechanical systems with integrated electronics to improve the firing rate and the marker’s accuracy. Electronic guns also have some great additions if you have the cash to spare, including digital displays, status information and other great immersive features.

Mechanical- Mechanical markers are the most widely used due to their user-friendly features and lack of maintenance requirements, as well as a reasonable price tag. Mechanical paintball markers almost always use compressed air or C02 cartridges.


The markers

Tippman Cronus:

Perfect for beginners and intermediate players who want a well-round marker for a great price. The Tippman Cronus combines incredible performance with durability all inside an impressive-looking body. The TC has lots of brilliant reviews online, making it one of the most popular markers on the market.

Spyder MR100:

It’s a semi-automatic tactical marker which has a similar design to the Tippman Cronus but comes with a longer barrel for added accuracy. It’s considered to be a great starter marker, perhaps ideal for kids paintball and those starting out.

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo:

Considered one of the more premium looking guns, its name and frame suggest it means business. This marker is ideal for players who want something that looks realistic and comes with lots of cool features. It has a longer barrel for improved accuracy, and it also has a quick-release feeder elbow for easy maintenance.

Empire mini:

Empire is a great brand that always put out quality markers and equipment. The Empire Mini is one of the smallest markers on the market, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to control. It also has an electric trigger system for a quiet release and fast trigger. It is a great marker for intermediate players looking for something high end.

Empire Axe:

This marker is for more serious paintballers looking to get into tournaments. It has multiple firing modes from a single shot making it easy to lay down some heavy fire with ease. It has an insanely good e-trigger system that is adjustable for any game type. A great gun no doubt on many players’ wish lists.

Tippmann X7 Phenom:

A fantastic looking marker with lots of customisation options. It’s said to be incredibly accurate in medium-long range. It has a light frame and compact body making it perfect for close quarters. Tippmann can be found on nearly all paintball marker lists and for good reason. This one though isn’t aimed at paintball for juniors, it’s a great marker for a solid player looking to make an impression.

Dye Proto Rail Maxxed:

A relatively pricey, intermediate level marker for players who want an upgrade without a huge price tag. It features a 14-inch barrel and can fire 15 balls per second. It comes with an e-trigger, reduced recoil and a relatively quiet shot.