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We’ve made huge efforts to guarantee the best paintballing experience in the country. We’ve invested thousands to create lifelike battle zones with tanks, helicopters and military vehicles even creating a full Wild West village complete with a saloon to ensure the most immersive and exciting series of game zones.


Take your aim and fire your shots across our eight amazing game zones, each one featuring diverse landscapes and game modes for non-stop action and fun! We like to make sure our game zones offer the best experience for our players, and our eight unique game zones are the perfect blend of tactics and adventure.


Each paintballing game zone has its own theme, and by the end of your fun-filled day, we guarantee you’ll have a favourite you’ll want to come back to. Start your day by storming the Battlefield and take cover behind a range of military vehicles while you try to dominate the enemy team.

Unleash your inner Mad Max in Junk In The Trunk to start your apocalyptic journey before traversing across to the Wasteland, where you’ll weave through barricades, shacks and tyre stacks. Travel back in time to the Wild West and face off against The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – who will gain the upper hand and quickdraw their way to victory?


Brave your way across our Players Playground with every inch designed by paintball players for paintball players, and then prepare for the fast-paced, one-of-a-kind game mode in Rampage – with nowhere to hide but a collection of colourful triangular barricades.


Set amongst the trees,  Balls To The Wall, is a classic team deathmatch – hold onto your nuts, because it could get hairy. Last, but not least, is Bridge where two teams enter, but only one team survives by sabotaging the enemy’s location in this bomb-based game mode. You won’t find a better set of exhilarating paintball game zones than at PPK!

Map of The Game Zones

Plan for a whole, or half-day, of adrenaline-filled adventure to suit your requirements.