Eight Amazing Paintball Game Zones!

Our paintball game zones

As the number one paintballing venue In the West Midlands, we like to make sure our game zones offer the best experience for our players. We have eight completely unique and different maps, each with different objectives and winning conditions.

Perfect for birthday parties, special occasions and even corporate team-building events, PPK offers an exclusive experience like no other. Whether you’re bringing friends, family or colleagues… just make sure to also bring you’re a-game to come out on top.


Two teams enter. One team survives.

Come shoot your shot on one of our newest and most popular game zones – the Bridge! A large open game zone of Sabotage, that all eventually boils down to an epic showdown on the bridge.

A “bomb-based” game zone where you manoeuvre through the woodland landscape, fighting for cover to plant the bomb at the enemy’s location. Work with your team to storm the tactical advantage that is the bridge, all to win this exhilarating team battle…

But heed our warning: this bridge has several access points, each as perilous as the next. Prepare your team, work together and watch out for the enemy team at every turn if you want to come out on top.

Bridge 1 PPK New Gamezone
Wild West Saloon, New PPK Gamezone

Yee haw! Welcome to the Wild West pardner!

Saddle up and head to the Saloon to flush out those pesky outlaws on our Wild West game zone. Experience a paintball game zone like no other as you step back in time and shoot it out in the wild wild west.

Face off against the enemy bandits as you attempt to retake the town or channel your inner outlaw as you attack the quaint town of the old west in search of treasure. Think on your feet and adapt your team’s strategy to stay ahead and come out on top – just be sure to watch the windows for shooters!

Duck behind wagons, barrels and even gravestones (don’t worry, they’re not real…) found at the ‘Ole Church as you shoot it up in the Wild West.


Wander cautiously through the desolate woodland and enter the wretched maze of the wild Wasteland here at PPK. Weave through barricades, shacks and tyre stacks as you lead your team inside the winding maze, with the most members left standing inside, being declared the winners.

Channel your inner Maze Runner on this daunting yet electrifying game zone as you shoot first and ask questions later. Adapt your playstyle from defensive to all-out (paintball) guns blazing, working to protect all the entrances to the maze and stay ahead of the competition.

Sweep the Wasteland with your team like you’re in a Fallout game and prepare yourself for an epic free-for-all game zone… And may the odds be ever in your favour.

Wasteland, PPK Gamezone
Rampage PPK Gamezone


Embrace the chaos of this exciting game of paintball, set in an enclosed team-deathmatch battle royale extravaganza! Rampage through the opposition and show off your paintballing skills as you face-off on an exposed course, all designed to keep you moving.

Rampage is fast-paced, exhilarating and not for the faint of heart. This paintball game zone is interspersed with an array of colourful triangular barricades that provide minimal cover to players, forcing you to engage the other team head on!

There’s nowhere to hide on Rampage so just make sure to smile for the cameras as you run riot; this zone is fitted with eight high-quality 4K cameras to fully capture the thrill of the fight!

Who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of Junk in the Trunk?

‘Junk in the Trunk’ is an apocalyptic junkyard, colourfully decorated with rusted abandoned cars, muddy tyre barricades and the dreaded tyre tunnel of death. Welcome to the new apocalyptic world at PPK!

Use the cars and tyre barricades as lifelines to hide behind, as you sprint and creep your way to the depths of the tunnel of death. If you are quick enough to make it that far, then you’ll come across the worldwide treasure that is – PPK’s ‘’golden tyre’’. Some say it goes for a cool billion pounds on eBay… others say it’ll net you the ‘W’ on the map. Take it to the opposite side of the map before the other team to claim victory.

Unfortunately, no, you cannot get in and drive the cars… you might be better off practising your paintball shooting than driving as we’re sure our nans could do a better job! Prove us wrong on this apocalyptic game zone.

Junk in the Truck, PPK gamezone

Whatever the occasion we've got you covered

Everyone’s welcome, from schools to team building/corporate events and stag/hen do’s. PPK provides a fun, dynamic and friendly atmosphere! Whether you come alone or as part of a group there will always be fun to be had by all. 

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Battlefield PPK Gamezone


Welcome to battlefield. Do a quick recon of your surroundings. There appears to be a tank at 10 o’clock, a downed helicopter at 11 and a military ambulance on our 6. Pick your cover and move fast!

This is a domination-style game, and we’ve heard is not over until it’s over – so brace yourself, cadet. Players start at opposite ends of the game zone and have to work together as a unit to eliminate the enemy team.

There’s a ton of military vehicles (yes, you can even “get into the chopper”), sandbags and barricades to help you advance and flank the enemy in this paintball warzone. Upgrade for some smoke grenades to gain a massive advantage in Battlefield for greater stealth.

Whatever your move, remember there’s no such thing as a white flag in this game zone, so get into the thick of it soldier, and FAST! Your team needs you.

Game starting in 3…2…1…. BOOM!

Fancy letting loose? Then this game zone was built just for you. Every inch of it has been designed by paintball players for paintball players.

Each team starts in their own building at opposite ends of the graffiti plastered arena. The objectives of the zone will vary depending on which game zones you have already played on the day, so stay sharp, and be on your toes.

Rest assured, no matter what your objective, it’ll be wise to make full use of the barricades, sniper towers, 4-way death wall and even a children’s slide on this unique course that’s all built for the best game of paintball.

Time to hold on to your hats folks!

Players Playground, PPK Gamezone
Balls to the Wall, PPK Gamezone

Set amongst the trees, with a huge hut sticking out the one end, Balls to the Wall is a classic ‘’attack and defend’’ team deathmatch.

The attacking team starts at one end of the field and will need to aim through the branches in order to take out the opposition. Take cover behind the log barricades and embrace nature as you shoot your paintballs at the wooden walls and dart between trees.

This may be one of our oldest game zones, but it has stood the test of time for a reason. Be mindful of your enemy and their paintballs as you navigate the map with your paintballs to the wall…