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Immerse yourself in the desolate yet exhilarating environment of Wasteland, a medium-sized paintball game zone at PPK that offers a unique blend of strategy, excitement and post-apocalyptic adventure. As you step into Wasteland, you’re greeted by a landscape that seems straight out of a dystopian future.


The desolate woodland sets the stage for what lies ahead – a sprawling, intricate maze that forms the heart of this game zone.


The objective is simple yet challenging – to have the most members of your team standing strong inside the maze when the game ends.

Channel your inner Maze Runner, as you navigate through the labyrinth of barricades, shacks, and tyre stacks. This game zone demands a versatile approach, where players must seamlessly switch from defensive tactics to an all-out offensive, ensuring every entrance to the maze is guarded and every threat is neutralised.



The Wasteland game zone is designed for an intense Hardpoint game mode, where the central maze is the key battleground. Above, a referee tower looms, the eyes of an omnipresent judge calling out kills and keeping the game in check. This game zone brings to mind scenes from iconic survival games and movies, like Fallout or The Hunger Games.

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