Six Reasons To Go Paintballing With Your Friends This Christmas

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Player's Playground cover by a tree.

Christmas is a time to be around those you care about, spreading joy. And what better way to say you care about someone than shooting them up with paintballs as you run wild in the biggest paintball park in the West Midlands?!

This Christmas, set aside the turkey and the cheesy movies and spread joy in a new and unique way with your friends, family or work colleagues and book a paintball Christmas party. It’s no secret that money might be tight this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a jolly Christmas. Rather than pinching pennies like Scrooge McDuck, get outside and pull the trigger on PPK’s state-of-the-art paintball guns at our affordable paintball park!

Keep reading to discover six reasons why you should go paintballing this Christmas.

Paintballing is a Great Way to Keep Active

Paintball is a great way to get active and have some fun with your friends. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed game that requires both physical and mental dexterity. At PPK, each one of our eight amazing paintball game zones are located outside, giving you fresh air and plenty of space to run around this Christmas.

Believe it or not, paintball Christmas parties are growing in popularity. They’re a great way for people of all ages to keep fit and share some healthy fun, whether you’re partying with your colleagues or out to shoot your friends.

Something Unique and Exciting

Each year, it gets harder to think of a unique present to get your loved ones, whether it’s for friends or family. Buck the trend of having to watch disappointment gloss over their faces and book yourselves in for a paintball Christmas party.

The chance to run around together, make memories and shoot each other senseless with paint is the greatest gift you can ever give your friends anyway. Try something exciting and different as a present this year.

At PPK, it’s an affordable day out

We get it. Money is tight. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a jolly ole Christmas this year. That’s why the elves at PPK have worked hard to keep our prices low and affordable. In fact, you can get your entry fee, gun, mask, overalls and 100 paintballs for just £7!

Christmas miracles come in all shapes and sizes and this year, it’s in the shape of a paintball.

Star in your own Christmas ‘Blockbuster’

Looking for that extra Christmas treat?

If you book a Christmas paintball party this year, you and your friends might be starring in your own Christmas ‘blockbuster’. Wreak havoc on our newest game zone, ‘Rampage’, which is kitted out with eight high-quality 4K cameras to fully capture the thrill of the fight – something that you can even take home with you to laugh at with all your friends after.

Whether you’re a pro or you don’t even know how to play paintball, it’s time to channel your inner John McClane and pretend you’re in ‘Die Hard’ (yes, it’s a Christmas movie) and don’t forget to yell “yippee-ki-yay”!

It’s a Great Stress Reliever

Spend a whole day this festive season at PPK having a laugh with your buddies and letting loose from the stresses of the outside world. Paintball is as great a way as any to relieve stress at what is often considered one of the most stressful times of the year. In fact, over two in five Brits have felt stressed during Christmas, causing a negative impact on their mental health.

Take a break, grab your friends and give yourself a real gift this year by booking a paintball Christmas party.

It’s fun!

While paintball is always a fun and exhilarating sport, it’s even better at PPK. While we include all the gear into our prices, it’s our game zones that really stand out, each one featuring a unique theme and unique game modes that keep you on your toes and enjoying every second here.

It’s also a great activity for those of all ages to enjoy, so book a paintball game for the kids, your friends or even your work colleagues for a truly merry Christmas.

Book a game at PPK

Rather than lighting up the Christmas tree this year, take your friends to light up the paintball park instead. With our affordable prices, excellent safety procedures and top-quality equipment, PPK offers a Christmas experience like no other. Our unique game zones provide something exhilarating and exciting each time you play a game here.

Spread the joy this Christmas with your friends and book a paintball Christmas party today. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.