Is Paintball A Skills Game?

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A paintball player

Paintball is a growing sport with one million new players a year. This means a lot of paintball players are new and not sure how to play and can be scary because it is so action-packed and fast-paced. Over time many players develop skills to improve their gameplay. When playing paintball developing skills comes naturally and there are some skills better than others.

Gain information about the Map

Firstly, gather information about the Map or gameplay before the game starts so you can identify places where you’ll go before the game starts. Asking the game Marshals before the game what the map is and what the game mode is can be effective before the game starts, so your teammates can come up with a plan of attack.

Strategies for Team

Paintball is a team player game and when playing in a team, listening to your teammate’s advice is the best way to win. Listening to your teammates ensures everyone knows what to do and can play efficiently and effectively.

Paintball can also be seen as a Team Building exercise because when playing as a team you can develop better working relations and morale will be higher in the workplace. Playing paintball in a team can build better teamwork, communication, problem-solving and relieve stress. As well as deeper work relationships.

Take Cover

Many adult paintball games are played in the fields or forests, so using the surroundings as cover Is perfect play for new players. Many paintball companies give you paintball overalls which often is a Camouflage design. This allows the player to blend in with their surroundings as supposed to a bright overall making you an easier target.

Play Stealthy

Playing aggressive can work on certain game modes like Capture the flag, but a normal game like Team deathmatch can be harder. For many new players staying in the back and picking off the enemy team from far is the safest play. But, playing stealthy is an effective way to play without the enemy team realising. Learning to blend in with your surroundings and make your way around the map can be effective for you and your teammates.

Keep Moving

Moving in paintball is essential. This keeps the games energetic and engaging. Spending too much time in one spot means the opponent team can find you faster. Many of the pro players tend to run near or straight to the enemy base, this is effective as it doesn’t give the opposing team time to relax. However, when not played correctly, can get you out quicker.

Using the objects around you, to help you move across the map without the enemy team spotting you is a smart play as enemy teams won’t expect it, especially shooting from random areas.

Be aware of the game

When playing always keep an eye on your surroundings and never focus on one enemy as this can give away your position and make the enemy team locate you faster.

Stay a Step Ahead of the Enemy Team

When playing paintball everyone wants to win. This can often lead to many mistakes and can result in getting shot early game. When playing paintball try to keep a mental map of the area and where the opponent team will most likely go, this will help you and your teammates with the best action to play.

Remember to Have Fun

Lastly, many people tend to forget this aspect. Playing paintball is a fun experience for all, always enjoy yourself be a great team player. Keeping a positive mindset even when losing can boost morale. This can be from helping teammates in the game and out of the game as you all will be sharing the same experience and you never know; you may find a new friend.

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