Gear Up: A Guide to Paintball Equipment and Essentials

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Paintball player about to throw a smoke grenade.

A day out playing paintball is a fantastic way to get active and let off some steam. For both newbies and seasoned players, utilising the right equipment can help turn the tables for your team and gain victory. However, with the wrong or outdated equipment, players can end up in uncomfortable and sticky situations which can ultimately bring a downer on their day.

Some may be fed up with arriving at a paintball venue expecting the very basics in terms of equipment. But that’s not what you’ll get at PPK! We are here to tell you all about the essential paintball gear needed for each game and what clothing, accessories and other essentials work best for players of all abilities. Plus, we’ll let you in on a secret to getting the best, most up-to-date equipment without busting the bank.

Paintball player lays in wait.

The Paintball Gun

Let’s start with the first essential piece of equipment – your paintball gun. The basic models have universal features that enable you to aim and take fire, but more advanced paintball guns provide further benefits. Also known as a paintball marker, a player’s gun is made up of several parts including:

The Marker

The marker, or barrel of the gun, is the paintball’s last point of contact before it hits its target – or misses. Barrels can come in different lengths and quality, with more advanced guns featuring electronic markers that use a microswitch, enabling a lighter pull of the trigger but are typically more expensive compared to manual markers.

The Paintball Hopper

The paintball hopper acts as a loader and feeds paintballs into the barrel or marker. It is usually located on the top of the gun and has a cap to open when loading in the ammo. The hopper, much like the marker, can be gravity-fed or electronic to provide quicker rates of fire.

The Compressed Air Tank

These are what power your paintball gun. The compressed air tank has evolved from using CO2 and now most venues opt for HPA (high-pressure air) which benefits users for free air refills. 

You could choose to buy your own marker with all components or simply come on down to PPK where you’ll be kitted out with the top-of-the-range guns as part of your experience.


In the heat of battle, the last thing you’ll want is your mask to fog up, leaving your vision impaired and you unable to remove it due to strict safety rules. A common complaint players’ have is their mask fogging up, impacting their aim and overall ability to play the game, leaving them in the dark and most likely covered in a splattering of paint. At PPK, we provide players with anti-mist masks as standard, allowing everyone involved a seamless experience when on the battlefield.

A player’s mask is one of the most important pieces of safety gear and a requirement when stepping onto the playing field. A paintball mask will not only cover your eyes but also protect your whole head, minimising impact from enemy fire.

Overalls and Clothing

Paintball participants should be aware they might get their clothes a little messy. Not only from getting shot but also from climbing over various obstacles and taking cover in the dirt and mud. Fortunately, camouflage overalls, as well as jackets and trousers, will be provided to keep your clothes as clean as possible. They also offer extra padding and protection against incoming shots. The clothing you wear underneath the overalls should be lightweight and breathable to keep you cool during gameplay, and long sleeves and trousers can also help protect you against scratches and bruises during the day’s activities.


Paintballing gloves benefit players with better grip and shield against paintball fire. They are fingerless for precise action when firing but will have protection from players’ knuckles to the wrists. Whether a beginner or a veteran, quality paintball gloves can boost confidence and allow one to play harder, faster and more accurately.

What Other Equipment and Essentials Do Paintballers Need?

Those were the very basics of what all paintball players need for a successful day, but isn’t there more? While both rookies and seasoned vets can utilise these items, other pieces of gear can give you the upper hand and make your experience much more fun!


Almost all gear and equipment can be upgraded, but at what cost? Many outlets and paintball parks charge extortionate rates for simple upgrades, with many of them often being the basics that they mask as ‘upgrades’. Not at PPK though – we offer upgraded equipment for prices as low as £5, including pro masks, upgraded faster-firing guns and pro body armour. These are advantageous for new players as they help alleviate any anxiety of their first time as well as the regulars who want to add to their set of skills without spending loads on purchasing gear upgrades from elsewhere.

Paintball player shoots through red smoke.

Smoke and Flash Grenades

That’s right – paintballing can become even more immersive with smoke and flash grenades that enable tactical ambushes and ample cover when you find yourself pinched by the opposing team. If you’re ever unsure how to effectively use these arsenal extras, the wardens and instructors are more than happy to assist and give you the best tips and tricks.

Get Geared Up at PPK – Affordable Paintball with Double the Fun!

PPK is the paintball park everyone is talking about thanks to our eight dynamic game zones, exciting range of game modes, including domination, capture the flag and plant the bomb, and our low pay and play entry prices (only £8.50!) All gear and essential equipment is included. You can find all our prices when you book your game. Have a blast playing a morning, afternoon or full day of paintballing action that you’ll never forget.

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.