Armoury & Weapon Upgrades


Standard equipment hire includes


Goggles made by Dye, one of the leading suppliers of paintball equipment, our goggles are all equipped with thermal lenses meaning they will NOT mist up in cold weather affecting visibility.

Camo Overalls

Full length woodland camo overalls to keep your clothes clean, sized for easy movement. All of our overalls have a high padded collar to protect your neck from paintball shots

FT-12 Gun

Standard Mechanical paintball gun, capable of firing up to 4 balls per second


Secure waist pack that can hold up to 400 paintballs

Available upgrades to equipment

Semi-auto gun *upgrade

Gog Enmey semi automatic mechanical gun, fast and accurate this gun will fire up to 8 balls per second, lightweight trigger, comes with electric hopper for faster ball feeding

Pro full auto gun *upgrade

Professional fully automatic paintball gun, this is an electric gun, deadly accurate with the potential to shoot up to 15 balls per second, equipped with a large air tank capable of 600 rounds per fill and a battery operated electric hopper which not only feeds the paintballs to your gun faster but also allows for you to shoot with the gun on its side.

Body armour *upgrade

Chest and back armour in full camo. Protect yourself from getting all welted up when you're in the thick of a firefight. Full chest & back protection is reversible to match your setup.

Closed-cell foam padding for protection
Elastic & Velcro waist for a wide range of adjustment
Flexible contoured stitching let the vest curve to fit your body.
Elastic shoulder straps
Thin & Lightweight design
One size fits most

Gloves *upgrade

Fully armoured gloves with plastic backing for hand and finger protection.

Breathable padded mesh construction on back of the hand
Flexible plastic armor on the main part of hand
Abrasion resistant padded palm
Velcro adjustable elastic wrist closure

Pro mask *upgrade

Pro mask, professional thermal anti mist lens, comfort fit, easy adjustment with excellent face coverage

The mask is lightweight and boasts great scope of vision and amazing clarity

Smoke grenades *consumables

Take your game to a whole new level with a paintball grenade! When your opponents are hiding away and paintballs alone just won’t cut it, mix it up by throwing one of these coloured mist-producing projectiles - the ultimate smokescreen and distraction for crafty paintballers.

Paint grenades *consumables

The paint grenades for sale are designed to fly further and spread paint wider. Win spectacularly by harnessing the power of paint pyrotechnics!