Fantastic for team building days

We have a great set of facilities for our corporate days out which begins when you arrive in our generous and secure car park. There are secure lockers for all of your personal belongings to be safely stowed while you’re out and about as well as a base camp area with seats for breaks between games and for eating the hot and cold food and drinks that are available to purchase onsite.

We have facilities to accept card payments onsite, so you won’t have to head off looking for a cash machine. We offer different standards of weapons, and it is possible to purchase additional paintballs if you’re not wanting the game to end.

Onsite we offer a wide range of different zones for paintballing - to offer the very best experience for all of our corporate days out. Each zone has different maps, objectives and winning conditions and they have life-sized obstacles and props that allow teams to work strategically to beat the opposition. From the Wild West, Wasteland, Bridge, Rampage, Battlefield to Junk in the Trunk and more you’ll find abandoned cars, barricades, tyre stacks and shacks to provide cover and help you to ambush the opposition.

Our facilities


Hot & cold food and drinks

Secure lockers for personal belongings

Seated base camp area for breaks between games

Large car park

Card payments accepted on site

Clean toilets and washrooms

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The importance of investing in corporate days out

Corporate days out, or team building days are hugely valuable for many reasons. Firstly team building days provide an opportunity for employees to engage in activities outside of the regular work environment and encourage teamwork, collaboration and communication whilst building relationships and bonding in a way that can lead to improved productivity back in the workplace. Engaging in fun activities outside of the office can boost morale and help employees feel valued and appreciated. They will see that the company values its employees’ well-being and is willing to invest in their happiness. The break from the routine of daily work provided by a corporate day out is also a great way to reduce stress and prevent burnout as employees are able to unwind, relax and recharge.

A paintball team building activity encourages communication, leadership skills, strategic thinking and problem-solving, as well as decision-making. All of these skills learned on a corporate day out can be transferred back into collaboration and efficiency in the work environment. Investing in corporate team building activities brings a great return by creating a positive work culture that is more likely to retain the talent in the team and the increased teamwork and collaboration will feed into greater productivity, which outweighs the initial investment.

Why paintballing is the perfect team building activity

Paintballing is a perfect team-building activity for several excellent reasons including:

Collaboration and communication

Paintballing requires teams to work together strategically to achieve a common objective and so it encourages participants to rely on each other, which promotes teamwork and camaraderie.

Problem-solving and decision making

Paintballing presents unpredictable situations which require quick thinking and fast decisions and teams have to adapt their strategies on the fly, making tactical choices to achieve their goals, which will encourage creative thinking and the ability to make decisions under pressure.

Leadership and role definition

Playing a paintballing game can provide an opportunity for individuals to step into leadership roles or to practice their leadership skills. Effective leaders can emerge as they guide, provide direction and motivate their teammates.

Fun and stress relieving

The experience of a paintballing corporate day out provides a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience which helps to boost morale and means that team members have to rely on each other – building trust throughout the team.

Physical and mental challenge

A paintballing team building activity is physically and mentally demanding. The activity requires agility, endurance and coordination as well as mental stimulation and strategic thinking – all of which skills can be transferred into the corporate environment when the team building day out is over.

Increased resilience and adaptability

Paintballing often involves unexpected obstacles, setbacks and changing scenarios and as participants adapt to these different changes, they develop resilience and learn to adjust strategies accordingly – and these are useful skills to help employees to navigate change and overcome obstacles in the business life of the company after the day out.

Paintballing as a corporate team building activity is an exciting and effective opportunity to provide a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone can participate comfortably while ensuring that the activity is enjoyed by all. Using a corporate day out is a great way to achieve team-building objectives as employees let off steam together - building a positive, happier place to work for all your team.

Corporate Day Itinerary

A paintballing team building day will begin when you arrive in the car park at 9 am. The first half an hour is spent getting your team checked in and kitted out with the protective equipment and weapons followed by a safety briefing. Then between 10 am and 12:30 pm when the lunchtime break begins you will play games 1 6. Lunchtime is between 12:30 pm and 1:15 pm and then the afternoon sessions begin with games 7 – 12. If you choose to participate in only a half day event then you would start at 9 am and finish at lunchtime, or alternatively arrive at 12:30 pm and have check in, safety equipment and weapons issue along with the safety briefing before 1:15 when the afternoon games begin. Your group can just arrive for a pay-and-play package which includes the safety equipment and overalls, a gun and unlimited air refills and 100 paintballs.  



arrival time


kit issue / Check-in


safety briefing


games 1 & 2
games 3 & 4
games 5 & 6


lunch break



arrival time


kit issue / Check-in


safety briefing


games 7 & 8
games 9 & 10
games 11 & 12


You need to wear appropriate clothing for your corporate paintballing day out as the wrong choices may leave you uncomfortable. Avoid anything too tight or restrictive and wear loose, comfortable, breathable clothes that allow for free movement. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended to minimise the chances of bumps and scrapes during the game. Layers are always a good idea as you can adjust your clothing based on the temperature and your level of activity during the day and always opt for closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from injuries – sports or hiking shoes which provide ankle support are ideal.

Dark or camo colours will help you to blend into the playing field and make it harder for opponents to shoot you, so leave the neon t-shirts at home. Protective safety equipment, such as masks, goggles and chest protectors will also be provided, and you must follow the guidelines of the centre and wear these properly while playing to protect yourself. Ideally, bring an extra set of clothes to change into at the end of the session to prevent staining your car or other belongings, and a plastic bag to transport the dirty clothes home in is also a great hot tip! 

On weekdays the minimum number of players is ten people, and the maximum is 150 whereas at the weekends there is no restriction on the minimum number of players. The area is huge, so no matter if you’re a huge corporation or a smaller family-run business, we can accommodate your corporate day out 

Yes, PPK has both hot and cold food and drinks available at the centre for you to purchase for mealtimes - or for a snack if you’re getting hungry while running around during the day. Card readers for payment make it easy to purchase food and drink while you’re onsite.  

The length of time you spend at the park will depend on how long you want to be there. You can arrive at 9 am and spend the whole day playing or finish at lunchtime, or alternatively arrive for the afternoon session at 12:30 pm and finish at 4:30 pm.  

Yes, weapon upgrades are available. You can purchase upgraded guns, gloves, pro body armour, smoke and paint grenades as well as pro mask upgrades when you are onsite on the day of your game.  

There will be safety equipment provided such as masks, goggles and chest protectors. You can upgrade these when you arrive if you wish, although it will entail an additional charge.