Our Popular Paintballing Stag and Hen Parties

Come to the best place ever for stag or hen dos, where laughing is a given and the good times are assured! We provide a unique experience at our paintball facility that is perfect for guys and gals wishing to have an amazing stag or hen party. Prepare to up the ante on your celebrations with our funny selection of humiliating attire.

We have an array of costumes that will make the groom or bride-to-be the centre of attention, from pink tutus to cow onesies. There is a range of gauntlets that the bride or groom-to-be can run of different levels of intensity - depending on how brave they’re feeling - while being peppered by their friends, all of which will enable you to create great memories and hilarious stories to tell at the wedding.  

A paintballing hen or stag do is a thrilling way to celebrate and unwind before the wedding with your friends and family. Rather than your run-of-the-mill hen or stag dos, why not go for a celebration which incorporates adventure, excitement and friendly rivalry?

Your celebration gives you the perfect chance to break free of the norm and participate in action-packed battles that will get the adrenaline pumping and a chance to hang out with your closest friends and family – getting to know more about each other’s personalities as you create enduring bonds - strategizing and competing.  

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What Makes Our Hen And Stag Paintballing Game sSo Fun?

There are a vast array of reasons why the best choice for fun on your hen or stag do is paintballing. It’s a thrilling activity, but is also relatively safe, especially when the proper safety measures are followed, and the expert marshals are always on hand to ensure that everyone has fun without any major risks. The run up to a wedding can be a stressful time, and a paintball hen or stag party can be the perfect antidote to the stress from all the planning of the big day. You can completely forget about organising menus and flowers and release stress with your friends and family.

Paintballing requires a high level of teamwork and communication which is another great way to bring your crew together – creating camaraderie as you all work together to achieve common goals and compete against the opposition. Paintballing is an inclusive activity that is able to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels and abilities - you can customise the day’s activities to suit your family and friends. As participants are over 18 you can use weapon upgrades and purchase additional ammo – such as smoke grenades – all of which add to the fun and games. With the option to dress up in fancy dress, whether you bring your own or use the options at our centres, you can add another level of enjoyment to your day, making memories that will last up to the wedding day and beyond.

The paintballing hen party or stag do can be just the start of your celebrations of the upcoming wedding, with the chance to continue the fun at lunchtime and after the games and reminisce over the memories created during the games. The groom or bride-to-be can be celebrated paintballing-style by having to run one of our gauntlets with everyone splattering them with paint, all sorts of ways can be customised to create the hen party or stag do that you’ll never forget.  

Our Facilities and Game Zones

At PPK we’re proud of our top-notch facilities which are some of the best in the UK. Our secure and large car park is where you begin to benefit from our amenities. When you and your hens or stags are out playing in the different gaming zones, you can store your belongings in secure lockers in our base camp area. When you’re taking your lunch break or just want to breathe between games, you can purchase hot and cold drinks and food which you can enjoy in our covered seating area – refuelling for the next rounds. You won’t need to bring cash or rush out to find an ATM as we accept card payments onsite and you can also purchase weapon upgrades or additional paintballs if you don’t want the fun to stop.  

To guarantee the best time for your paintball hen party or stag do, we have the best selection of gaming zones. Every zone has a unique combination of maps, objectives and winning conditions and each is equipped with life-sized obstacles or items to provide cover from enemy fire. Whether your team holes up in a shack in the Wild West, takes cover behind the wrecked cars in Junk in the Trunk zone or behind the stacks of tyres, you’ll have the most authentic of battlefields to play across. Our amazing gameplay zones include barricades, sniper towers, death slides and much more to turn every game into a fresh and engaging challenge. Fight it out across the Bridge or through the mazes of the wasteland. There will be something for every hen or stag in your team and the many options of gaming zones will ensure that no one gets bored!  

Why Choose PPK For Your Paintballing Hen Party Or Stag Do? 

Paintballing has been proven to have a vast array of benefits for promoting teamwork, communication, strategic thinking as well as exercise in the great outdoors. Brilliant as an activity for corporate days out, it’s also the best choice for a hen or stag do as it encourages you and your friends to let your competitive natures out, put all your abilities to the test and challenge yourselves in a new and interesting way. PPK is located just outside of Birmingham in the heart of the country and is one of the best paintballing venues in the UK – offering the largest number of different gaming zones. Not only will you be able to take your mind off the stresses of planning the big day, but you’ll get a great workout while you create memories to fuel the wedding speeches. PPK’s facilities offer hen and stag paintballing parties like no other, so if you want a hen or stag do that will leave you with amazing memories, then book your party today. Bring your crew together, dress up in your most embarrassing outfits and get ready for a stag do or hen party unlike any other. It’s time to enter the fray, accept the mayhem and create a genuinely unforgettable special day.  

To reserve your paintballing hen or stag do, get in touch today. 

Hen Or Stag Do Day Itinerary 


Your hen or stag do will begin when you arrive in our car park, ready to begin your day of celebrations. The first part of the day will be spent getting checked in and kitted out with the safety gear that we provide you with; masks, goggles, overalls and – of course – your gun and paintballs. Our expert marshals will prepare you with safety guidelines and the rules of combat to make sure that everyone has fun and stays safe at the same time. Between 10 am and when you break for lunch at 12:30 pm, you’ll play several games in several of our different game zones where you’ll interact, strategize and let your competitive side take control. The lunch break is back at our base camp where you’ll find covered seating, restrooms and places to purchase hot and cold drinks and food.  



arrival time


kit issue / Check-in


safety briefing


games 1 & 2
games 3 & 4
games 5 & 6


lunch break



arrival time


kit issue / Check-in


safety briefing


games 7 & 8
games 9 & 10
games 11 & 12

In the afternoon, after 1:15 pm, you’ll launch back into more fun with new game zones to play in. Prepare for more strategic tactics, exhilarating moments of victory and heated conflicts. You can fully immerse yourself in the paintball action during the afternoon session, which is guaranteed to keep your heart racing and your fun levels high. We also offer half-day alternatives available if you’d prefer a shorter event. You can opt for just a morning or afternoon of fun and begin your afternoon of combat by turning up at 12:30 pm instead of in the morning.  

You can choose the basic pay-and-play package which will include a gun, unlimited gas refills and 100 paintballs per player as well as all the basic safety gear and overalls. Additional paintballs and upgraded weapons are available to purchase at a competitive cost, and if you already own your own paintball gun, paintballs are able to be purchased at a discounted price. For more pricing information see our prices page.  


You should wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in and that covers your arms and legs to protect from paintball shots, and footwear that has grip and fully encloses your feet such as sports or hiking shoes. Gloves should be worn to protect your hands and a hat, or beanie is a good shout to protect the back of your head.

Everything you wear risks getting paint on them so, wear older clothing you don’t mind getting paint or dirt on. You’ll be given protective goggles, masks and overalls but if you want a theme for your hen or stag do, or just want to dress up the groom or bride-to-be, you can bring your own costume or choose from our selection of onesies, pink tutus or more that we have onsite.  

You can dress your stag or hen in any costume you choose to bring or select from our collection onsite. We have cow onesies, pink tutus and more, but you can bring your own choices – just remember that they’ll likely get dirty and painted!  

The amount of time that you’ll spend on a game will depend on the number of players and the difficulty of the game zone as well as the level of competition between teams. Generally, you’ll be able to play six games in a morning or afternoon session as each game will take around half an hour to complete, but you can customise the day to suit your party.