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Wolverhampton Paintballing: Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits

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Paintballing is one of Wolverhampton’s best adventure games that brings families, friends and colleagues together in strategic battle-based skirmishes. Planning a stag do? Well, nothing says ‘I love you man’ better than firing off 100 rounds of paint pellets into the chest of your soon-to-be fallen comrade. Looking for an away day that brings your team together? Successful paintball is all about strategy, communication and bond building, and what happens on the day often returns to the office with positive effects. Birthdays, kids’ parties, school trips and more, we cater for all groups and ensure a fun day is had by all.

A child kneels and shoots at a paintball park.

Pricing and
what to expect?

Green and Red Splash
No hidden costs
Just £7.50 Gets You…

No extra costs to enter the site as other paintball parks sometimes charge, you only pay for your ammo and the entry is free.


Our protective gear and paintball guns are free with your 100 paintball purchase and our basic equipment is what many other parks charge upgrade fees for. See what our reasonably priced upgrades offer.


At just £7.50 you can get straight out onto the battlefield and every additional 100 paintballs is always £7.50 – no extra or hidden costs.

Lock, Stock and Two PPK Barrels

It is a warm and gentle day in Wolverhampton. The clouds lay still, the wind whispers mute and not a sound of nature can be heard… for nature knows. Much like the eye of a hurricane, the calm before the storm is surrounded by an electric atmosphere that strains in your bones. Advance, attack and defeat, for there can be only one.


Shared experiences spark conversation, and paintballing in Wolverhampton will create priceless memories with your coworkers, friends and family that will last until you chomp at the bit to return. We provide high-quality paintballing equipment, and for a small fee, you can upgrade to give yourself a tactical edge. Our lips are sealed.


Our highly trained, expert game marshals ensure all rules are followed and safety adhered to, helping you get the most from your experience. What makes us number one is our superb range of awesome paintball zones. All with different objectives and layouts but all equally thrilling!

The red team hide behind the medical vehicle.

The PPK Eight: Our Game Zones

With varying objectives set by your Generals, recruits must take the enemy base, secure territory, retrieve the golden tyre or simply be the only one left standing.


A vast landscape craving sabotage at every turn. Fight for cover, storm the bridge and plant your bombs. Keep your wits about you as you need eyes in the back of your head.

Wild West

Re-enact wild west history and legend and channel your inner Bolivian army as you station your posse outside the saloon to flush out Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… and any other pesky outlaws hiding within.


Gung Ho style was designed for this situation. Enter the winding maze and keep your bearings as a deadly threat lurks at every corner. Shoot first and ask questions later and maybe, just maybe you will survive the wasteland.


You can run but you can’t hide in Rampage, the zone of minimal cover. Be alert, be quick and have your trigger finger primed as you can’t outrun a paintball… so get your shot in first.

Junk in the Trunk

Where Mad Max meets paintball. The apocalyptic junkyard is strewn with destroyed vehicles belonging to former recruits. They don’t need them where they are. If you don’t want to join them, retrieve the golden tyre from the tunnel of death.


Sometimes people are blessed with God-given speed and in Battlefield, this is an advantage. Don’t worry if your legs move like an elephant in water, when the cocky sprinters start to make their move, take position, aim and cut them down. THEN ADVANCE!

Players Playground

If paintball players made a paintball zone, then Players Playground is it! The enemy will start at the opposite end and the General’s orders will vary depending on what games you have already played. With barricades, sniper towers, a 4-way death wall and a children’s slide within your grasp, it would be wise to take advantage whenever you can.

Balls to the Wall

Whether your command has instructed an attack, or your orders are to hold the line, Balls to the Wall is the zone that separates the men from the dead. Be vigilant, keep your eyes peeled and use the cover. There is no honour in being shot in the back.

Why PPK Stands Out for Paintball in Wolverhampton

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For 7.5 pence, you can shoot your friend with a paintball but for a mere £7.50, you can shoot 100 friends, or the same friend 100 times. And for another £7.50 you can arm yourself with another 100 paintballs and do it all again and again and again. Not only are our prices the best in the area, but our zones stand out as expansive and diverse sets straight out the movies. We have invested over a quarter of a million pounds to make the most thrilling and varied paintball in Wolverhampton, and this was just spent on our eight unique zones.


We also supply some of the best equipment on the market as standard with upgrades available onsite. We put safety and the customer first, so though we talk a tough game, we will always ensure safe fun is conducted at PPK.

Blue player goes rogue.

Top-Notch Facilities for an Unmatched Paintballing Day

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Not only do we have eight of the best-created zones certain to enhance your event, but we also provide a covered safe zone between games where you can enjoy our superb range of hot and cold food and beverages, ensuring your platoon gets back into the action fully loaded.
It is also the place where you can top up on your ammunition and upgrade to the latest pro gear, such as body armour, masks, gloves, smoke and paint grenades or even give yourself the drop on your enemies by upgrading your weapon to an Emek pro rifle with faster firing and greater accuracy. Like taking an Uzi to an old west gun draw!

Paintball player escapes with the flag.

Plan Your Day: Timings, Sessions and Pricing

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A complete day of paintballing begins at 09:00 with our safety briefing and equipment distribution and ends at approximately 16:00. For players who don’t want to be shot at all day or for ones who are trigger-happy, we provide AM and PM sessions, so you can opt for a shorter battle. The AM session still begins at 9:00 with a briefing and ends at 12:30. The PM session begins at 12:30 and ends at 15:45. To offer you the best paintballing experience possible, games will cycle between the zones providing various objectives, scenarios and thrills.


£7.50 gets you entry, 100 paintballs and all the equipment you need to play. Additional balls are priced at £7.50 per 100 and all upgrades are available onsite.

A child escapes with the prize money bag.

Hear from Our Survivors

Some skilled sharpshooters have lived to tell the tale and they can’t stop raving about us. Check out what they have to say below. (Disclaimer – some reviews are from people who also got shot a lot.)

Visit Our Amazing Venue

  • Easy Booking System

It’s really easy to book your Wolverhampton paintballing session with PPK. To book online, just click the button below and from there, you can select your package, number of guests, desired date, and whether you would like an AM, PM or full-day session. Then click through to our secure payment page and you are all set.

If you are looking to make a weekday booking or have any questions, then please call on 0800 043 3858.


  • Finding Us

After a quick 20-minute drive from the M5, you’ll reach our parking lot. We fit you with goggles, helmets, overalls, a gun and paintballs as soon as you register. After receiving a safety briefing, your orders are dispatched, and the fun begins.

So, grab your crew, apply your war paint and prepare to do battle. There are not many events where you get to blast paint at the bride, the boss or your besties… and all for only £7.50!

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