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Experience Game-Changing Paintballing

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When the mighty Rams are at home, when the Tricky Trees are visiting, and when a football match simply isn’t enough to declare a winner, it’s time for war! Well, paint-based war simulations that bring the adrenaline rush, the strategy and the thrills of war, whilst allowing you to take down the old enemy, get some payback and ultimately decide who is number one! 

We love a good local rivalry at PPK, but paintballing near Derby doesn’t just have to be about sports teams. Perhaps your sibling has always claimed to be the favourite? Perhaps your colleague got that promotion? Perhaps your mate thinks they are God’s gift to the opposite sex? Get your own back, shoot them with paint!  

With 8 unique zones to wage war in, you can keep shooting them under the pretense it is the objective of the game.   

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Pricing and
what to expect?

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No hidden costs
Just £8.50 Gets You…

No extra costs to enter the site as other paintball parks sometimes charge, you only pay for your ammo and the entry is free.


Our protective gear and paintball guns are free with your 100 paintball purchase and our basic equipment is what many other parks charge upgrade fees for. See what our reasonably priced upgrades offer.


At just £8.50 you can get straight out onto the battlefield and every additional 100 paintballs is always £8.50 – no extra or hidden costs.

Fun for Any Event at PPK Paintball Derby

Our paintballing near Derby creates memorable experiences, ideal for special occasions and perfect for bringing your group together.

Your BFF, your brother from another mother, your sister from another mister has gone and planned to desert you. Well, desertion is not looked upon kindly in war, and if they are going AWOL, you want to make them pay. A paintballing near Derby hen or stag do is the ideal way to bring the wedding party together, allowing everyone to get to know each other better before, breaking out their embarrassing dance moves, by unloading an arsenal of paint projectiles at the bride or groom-to-be.

Have you noticed some tension in the office? Do you feel communication needs improving? Would you like your team to develop their strategizing? Nothing bonds a team more than hiding from a barrage of paintballs or together unleashing punishment. With key objectives in each game, success will only come to those who work together.

There is nothing quite like the spectacle of mini soldiers all kitted out and engaging with the enemy. The only thing that competes is the look on their happy faces at the end of the session. We have all the protective gear and kid-friendly guns (a little less powerful). Become Dad or Mum of the year and give your kids the party to remember.

Get in touch and discover how paintballing near Derby is always the ideal event 

The red team hide behind the medical vehicle.

The PPK Eight: Our Game Zones

We have 8 amazing paintball zones that are so much more than just an enclosed area. They should be, they cost over £250K to create. Each with its own unique obstacles, landscape and objectives, to offer more variety in every session.  Get in touch with our helpful team for further information on all our zones and any other questions. 


A vast landscape craving sabotage at every turn. Fight for cover, storm the bridge and plant your bombs. Keep your wits about you as you need eyes in the back of your head.

Wild West

Re-enact wild west history and legend and channel your inner Bolivian army as you station your posse outside the saloon to flush out Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… and any other pesky outlaws hiding within.


Gung Ho style was designed for this situation. Enter the winding maze and keep your bearings as a deadly threat lurks at every corner. Shoot first and ask questions later and maybe, just maybe you will survive the wasteland.


You can run but you can’t hide in Rampage, the zone of minimal cover. Be alert, be quick and have your trigger finger primed as you can’t outrun a paintball… so get your shot in first.

Junk in the Trunk

Where Mad Max meets paintball. The apocalyptic junkyard is strewn with destroyed vehicles belonging to former recruits. They don’t need them where they are. If you don’t want to join them, retrieve the golden tyre from the tunnel of death.


Sometimes people are blessed with God-given speed and in Battlefield, this is an advantage. Don’t worry if your legs move like an elephant in water, when the cocky sprinters start to make their move, take position, aim and cut them down. THEN ADVANCE!

Players Playground

If paintball players made a paintball zone, then Players Playground is it! The enemy will start at the opposite end and the General’s orders will vary depending on what games you have already played. With barricades, sniper towers, a 4-way death wall and a children’s slide within your grasp, it would be wise to take advantage whenever you can.

Balls to the Wall

Whether your command has instructed an attack, or your orders are to hold the line, Balls to the Wall is the zone that separates the men from the dead. Be vigilant, keep your eyes peeled and use the cover. There is no honour in being shot in the back.

The best facilities at Paintball Park

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A great event is a hassle-free event, so we like to keep everything simple. Our paintballing near Derby events are active, exciting, safe and inexpensive.

For £8.50, we supply all the gear including, overalls, masks, guns, 100 paintballs, entry to the park and even on-site parking.


We have a great range of equipment upgrades available, including faster more accurate guns and smoke and paint grenades. Additional paintballs are priced at £8.50 for 100 and a sheltered safe zone for between games, where we provide a superb range of hot and cold food and drinks and toilet facilities 

Junk in the Trunk blue team advance.

Paintball Derby Made Easy

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For a paintballing event like no other, PPK stands out, and it all starts with our simple booking system. Click the link, select your date, choose your session and complete our secure checkout. For weekend bookings please call 0800 043 3858. 


We are located just across the Midlands in Kidderminster, 20 minutes from the M5. On arrival, we get you registered and kitted out with helmets, goggles, overalls, guns and paintballs. We conduct a safety briefing and then you are dispatched on your first mission. Get 100 additional paintballs for £8.50 per pack, upgrade your weapons to give you the edge and enjoy a day to remember.  


A child escapes with the prize money bag.

Hear from Our Survivors

Some skilled sharpshooters have lived to tell the tale and they can’t stop raving about us. Check out what they have to say below. (Disclaimer – some reviews are from people who also got shot a lot.)

Visit Our Amazing Venue

  • Easy Booking System

It’s really easy to book your  paintballing session with PPK. To book online, just click the button below and from there, you can select your package, number of guests, desired date, and whether you would like an AM, PM or full-day session. Then click through to our secure payment page and you are all set.

If you are looking to make a weekday booking or have any questions, then please call on 0800 043 3858.


  • Finding Us

After a quick 20-minute drive from the M5, you’ll reach us. We fit you with goggles, helmets, overalls, a gun and paintballs as soon as you register. After receiving a safety briefing, your orders are dispatched, and the fun begins.

So, grab your crew, apply your war paint and prepare to do battle. There are not many events where you get to blast paint at the bride, the boss or your besties… and all for only £8.50!

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