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Bath paintballing has never been more accessible, exhilarating and downright fun! At PPK, we have something for everyone, with all ages able to get involved with our game modes and zones. PPK specialises in high-octane fun for adults, youngsters, work events and more. Want to play some paintball for a morning, full day or afternoon? We have a range of packages for those looking to pay and play

No other paintballing venue in the Bath area has what PPK shines in – eight unique movie-based game zones with a guarantee of a favourite you’ll want to come back to. Not only that, but we also have the most competitive pricing around at just £7.50 per person, per 100 paintballs!  

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Pricing and
what to expect?

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No hidden costs
Just £7.50 Gets You…

No extra costs to enter the site as other paintball parks sometimes charge, you only pay for your ammo and the entry is free.


Our protective gear and paintball guns are free with your 100 paintball purchase and our basic equipment is what many other parks charge upgrade fees for. See what our reasonably priced upgrades offer.


At just £7.50 you can get straight out onto the battlefield and every additional 100 paintballs is always £7.50 – no extra or hidden costs.

Birthdays, Stag Parties & More

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How about spraying the bride or groom to be with an array of colours in a perfect activity for your hen or stag do? Unwind and expel all those tensions with a day of laughs and excitement, where the bride and groom can also dress up in our costumes, including pink tutus and horse onesies. Why not have both parties battle against each other to see who will really be wearing the pants? 


Birthdays are a time of celebration and shooting each other with rounds of paintballs. Our Bath paintballing park is the ideal place to make a birthday one you’ll never forget. We photograph the biggest smiles – and faces of pain – throughout the day and add an extra challenge for the birthday star, with opportunities to run our infamous gauntlets – if they’re brave enough. 


The same goes for kids’ birthday parties, except we use kid-friendly paintball guns and equipment made safe for youngsters. We focus on safety above everything else, with the utmost amount of fun coming in a close second. Suitable for kids aged between 8-11, we craft a fun-filled party for all involved, with plenty of food and drinks at lunchtime to recharge them for the rest of the activities. 


Does your workforce need to learn to cooperate better and build strong bonds that even the most stressful of jobs can’t shake? We host corporate days out with paintballing action that promotes teamwork, bonding, problem-solving, tactics and collaboration, perfect for treating your workforce and letting them go absolutely bananas! Schools can also come to PPK Bath paintballing for a fun-filled outing. 

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Our Eight Exhillerating Game Zones

Bath is a city known for its grand architectural presence and Roman splendour, and PPK is known for its eight incredible game zones, each boasting its own layouts and designs that echo the same gravitas as the Somerset city. 

You’ll travel across many lands, some even transporting you back in time where some rules are yet to be made and players to become legends!  


Set amongst the woodland landscape is the Bridge where two teams battle it out to take control, with one attacking, one defending, with this dynamic zone ending when the attacking team has planted and set off the bomb.

Wild West

Saddle up and ride out to the Wild West, featuring saloons, horse-drawn wagons and the Ole’ Church, evoking the very essence of a land lost to the ages.


Our dystopian Wasteland isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s a place where danger lurks around every corner, especially in our tire stacked maze acting as the centre piece of this nuclear Badlands.


Rampage is all about fast-paced action, where teams charge with all their might with the only cover being a collection of triangular barricades. Test your agility and reflexes as you dodge enemy fire – oh and don’t forget to smile for our 4K cameras, set up to capture the carnage.

Junk in the Trunk

Littered with decaying cars and tyre stacks necessary for cover, Junk in the Trunk is a heart-pounding game zone featuring the tyre tunnel of death leading to the legendary ‘golden tyre’ where only the brave and daring stand out as living legends.


War, war never changes… Storm across the war trodden Battlefield with crashed helicopters, tanks ripped with bullet holes and rusted barrels being the only means of cover. Who will dominate in the Capture the Flag game mode?

Players Playground

Tired of virtual realities and your kids fixated on their gaming systems? Players Playground is the zone designed by paintball players, for paintball players. A graffiti-clad arena where only the best will triumph. No virtual space could ever compete with one of our most popular game zones.

Balls to the Wall

Balls to the Wall is one of our most strategic game zones set amongst the tall woodland trees and has been a staple of PPK since our inception. This classic ‘attack and defend’ team deathmatch style gameplay culminates at the defending team’s hut. Can the attacking team take the win or will the defenders hail victorious using their shelter and high vantage points?

Our Paintballing Prices and Facilities

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We have a variety of accessible facilities for all ages to use while having fun playing paintball near Bath. You can store your valuables in our secure lockers, take refuge in our sheltered seating areas and gear up in our paintballing kit included in your initial price. We also have toilets for all genders and aim to make everyone’s day as comfortable as possible. 


We offer the most competitive Bath paintballing prices from just £7.50 pay-and-play deal, giving you free entry, free standard equipment, unlimited air refills and 100 paintballs. Equipment is available to upgrade on site, and also the option to purchase additional gear, including pro-masks, gloves, smoke and paint grenades, body armour, paintballs and faster-firing paintball guns. 

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Paintball Near Bath Made Easy

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Benefit from our paintballing venue near Bath with eight unbeatable game zones, upgradable weapons and gear, free parking and host to your kind of event. We also offer a price-match guarantee if you can find a cheaper price for the fun you’ll have. 

We are located north of Bath in Kidderminster, easily accessible via the M5 and just below two hours away. The trip will be more than worth it thanks to our team making your day one you’ll never forget.  

Get in touch with us to book your paintballing experience today. 

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Plan Your Day: Timings, Sessions and Pricing

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  • Choose from Morning (9am-12:30pm) or afternoon (12:30pm-3:45pm) sessions or experience the full day at PPK
  • Prices start at just £7.50 per person for entry and 100 paintballs (unlimited air refills and free standard equipment)
  • Upgrade your equipment on site, including £15 for gun upgrades, gloves to buy and hire, pro mask for £15, smoke and paint grenades, and pro body armour
  • Need more ammo? Every extra 100 paintballs are £7.50
  • We offer a choice of two kids party packages starting at £25 with upgrades from £5
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