Paintball West Bromwich is the paintball centre of your dreams, if you dream of locking, loading, hitting those targets and feeling the adrenaline rush of sheer paintballing excitement.

We’ve put together the best and most exciting selection of game zones in the UK, and provide all the facilities needed to make the most of them and experience the thrill of paintballing at its very best.

Address: Deansford Ln, Blakedown, Kidderminster DY10 3NN

We already attract more visitors than any other paintball centre in the UK, but that doesn’t stop the number of guests going up each and every year.

That’s because Paintball West Bromwich offers the widest possible range of packages, with something to suit any budget and perfect for solo play or a team effort.

We put the safety and enjoyment of our guests at the heart of everything we do. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by trained marshals who provide a vital safety briefing followed by the overalls and safety gear you’ll be wearing into battle.

The same marshals are then around to ensure that all safety rules are followed and to answer any questions the players might have.

Whether you come with a gang of friends for a day long battle with lunch included, or visit on your own for a shorter skirmish on one of our custom built game zones, you’ll find the perfect combination of fun, strategy, skills and paintballs at PPK paintball West Bromwich.

PPK Paintball West Bromwich is where you can live out your action adventure fantasies for a while and escape from humdrum reality.

We don’t offer just one or two zones, but instead let you choose from 7 unique environments, each one with its own theme, challenges and highlights.

We’ve designed our game zones to offer maximum variety, from a sci-fi wasteland to a taste of the old west via an inflatable playground.

One thing they all have in common is how much fun and excitement they manage to pack into every square foot, and with names like Wild West, Battlefield, Bomb Hole, Junk in the Trunk, Balls to the Wall, Players Playground and What’s Sup the hardest decision you’ll have to take is which one you want to get stuck into first.

Paintball in West Bromwich Paintball Park

How to find us

PPK Paintball West Bromwich isn’t just the best paintball centre in the UK it’s one of the longest running. We bring all that experience to bear when it comes to creating the complete paintball experience.

Sweets and refreshments are available from the on-site shops and if your energy drops you can top up with hot and cold snacks.

As well as a covered seating area and secure storage for valuables we provide ladies and gents toilets and, away from the battlefront, the chance to relax in the PPK safe zone. This is where you can restock your ammo and chat to fellow paintball fans before heading back out to the next exciting zone.