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Solihull Paintballing: Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits

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Whether you just want to pay and play, shoot with (or at) your friends for a birthday bash, or unleash hell during a hen or stag do, PPK’s paintball park near Solihull is the perfect place to do it! Our marshals organise the whole experience for you, from initial briefings and gearing up to detailing the varying game modes across our play zones. We guarantee your day will be one to remember, and you’ll be eager to return again and again. Solihull paintballing has never been better and more accessible. We are the ideal venue for corporate team building, promoting camaraderie and collaboration among your workforce.


Kids can join in on the action too – we help host kids’ birthday parties and school events tailored to juniors aged between 8 and 11. All kids’ equipment is age-appropriate with less powerful paintball guns, making the whole experience safe and fun. They’ll have a slice of the action and a slice of delicious pizza as part of the PPK package.

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Pricing and
what to expect?

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No hidden costs
Just £7.50 Gets You…

No extra costs to enter the site as other paintball parks sometimes charge, you only pay for your ammo and the entry is free.


Our protective gear and paintball guns are free with your 100 paintball purchase and our basic equipment is what many other parks charge upgrade fees for. See what our reasonably priced upgrades offer.


At just £7.50 you can get straight out onto the battlefield and every additional 100 paintballs is always £7.50 – no extra or hidden costs.

Lock, Load and Unleash Your Inner Soldier

The best paintball experience is one that combines an adrenaline rush of excitement with a physical challenge and the chance to test your strategic and tactical thinking.


You’ll find all of that and more when you come to our Solihull paintballing park to lock, load and explore our unique game zones. Each of the game zones at PPK has been designed by us to be unique, offering a distinctive backdrop and range of challenges.


We like to add variety for all players with our paintball park near Solihull, and each zone features distinct game modes from domination style Capture the Flag, attack and defend scenarios and team deathmatch to outplaying the enemy with strategic skill and valour.

The red team hide behind the medical vehicle.

Our Eight Exhillerating Game Zones

We have invested over £250k in our eight exhilarating game zones, with an assured favourite for everyone who comes to our Solihull paintballing experience.


Set amongst the woodland landscape is the Bridge where two teams battle it out to take control, with one attacking, one defending, with this dynamic zone ending when the attacking team has planted and set off the bomb.

Wild West

Saddle up and ride out to the Wild West, featuring saloons, horse-drawn wagons and the Ole’ Church, evoking the very essence of a land lost to the ages.


Our dystopian Wasteland isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s a place where danger lurks around every corner, especially in our tire stacked maze acting as the centre piece of this nuclear Badlands.


Rampage is all about fast-paced action, where teams charge with all their might with the only cover being a collection of triangular barricades. Test your agility and reflexes as you dodge enemy fire – oh and don’t forget to smile for our 4K cameras, set up to capture the carnage.

Junk in the Trunk

Littered with decaying cars and tyre stacks necessary for cover, Junk in the Trunk is a heart-pounding game zone featuring the tyre tunnel of death leading to the legendary ‘golden tyre’ where only the brave and daring stand out as living legends.


War, war never changes… Storm across the war trodden Battlefield with crashed helicopters, tanks ripped with bullet holes and rusted barrels being the only means of cover. Who will dominate in the Capture the Flag game mode?

Players Playground

Tired of virtual realities and your kids fixated on their gaming systems? Players Playground is the zone designed by paintball players, for paintball players. A graffiti-clad arena where only the best will triumph. No virtual space could ever compete with one of our most popular game zones.

Balls to the Wall

Balls to the Wall is one of our most strategic game zones set amongst the tall woodland trees and has been a staple of PPK since our inception. This classic ‘attack and defend’ team deathmatch style gameplay culminates at the defending team’s hut. Can the attacking team take the win or will the defenders hail victorious using their shelter and high vantage points?

Why PPK Stands Out for Paintball in Solihull

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Paintball in Solihull has never been more fun and exciting than it is with PPK. We host a day to remember for all who play across our game zones and have a team of marshals who look after everyone with high levels of safety and guarantee a day of thrilling fun.


We kit all players up with the latest gear, from the paintball guns, thermal lensed masks, armoured gloves, comfortable overalls with added neck protection and a utility belt that can hold additional paintballs, refills, grenades and all other gear in your arsenal.


You’ll get the best value for money at PPK thanks to our competitive pricing with affordable options to upgrade your gear, and state of the art game zones and facilities that make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

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Top-Notch Facilities for an Unmatched Paintballing Day

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Free-parking, eight amazing game zones, a thrilling day for friends, family, kids and colleagues – what’s not to love about the best paintball park for Solihull? You can also kick back and take a breather from the action with hot and cold food and drinks under shelter. We also have accessible male and female toilets and secure storage for your valuables. With PPK, you get the complete paintballing experience.

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Plan Your Day: Timings, Sessions and Pricing

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  • Choose from Morning (9am-12:30pm) or afternoon (12:30pm-3:45pm) sessions or experience the full day at PPK
  • Prices start at just £7.50 per person for entry and 100 paintballs (unlimited air refills and free standard equipment)
  • Upgrade your equipment on site, including £15 for gun upgrades, gloves to buy and hire, pro mask for £15, smoke and paint grenades, and pro body armour
  • Need more ammo? Every extra 100 paintballs are £7.50
  • We offer a choice of two kids party packages starting at £25 with upgrades from £5

If you can find a cheaper Solihull paintballing experience, we’ll match your price! Explore our sessions and prices.

A child escapes with the prize money bag.

Hear from Our Paintballing Addicts

Take a look at our collection of reviews from just some of the people who have had the ultimate paintballing experience. We’re not just the best paintball park for Solihull but the best for the UK!

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