Best Paintball for kids

Best Paint Ball for kids: Ideal for kids Between 8-13yrs
(We run our junior paintball as private group events so parents and older siblings can join in – Minimum Booking 8+ Players)

Our Junior Paintball is the perfect day out if you are looking for paintball for kids, paintball teams for 12year olds, OR junior paintball- fresh air, dirt, exercise and exhilarating action and paintball guns for the kids.

Junior Paintball is available every Saturday or Sunday as an AM or PM booking which run 9:00am-12:30pm and 1:00pm – 15:30pm.

Your booking will be run as a private group booking with one of our qualified marshalls on hand to look after your young ones from start to finish from providing perfect paintball guns for kids to use, as well as giving them all the knowledge to prepare them for battel.

Parents and older siblings are welcome to join in on the madness also, who will win the paintball games you or your kids?

Any adults not wanting to partake in the action can sit back and relax in our base camp area and enjoy free tea and coffee, alternatively you can leave and come back to collect your children at the end of the session.


All of our staff support the children with safety being our focus while the children are let loose. While the kids play, the parents/carers can relax at our covered base camp, enjoying light refreshments from our shop.


Entry to our park and all of our amazing game zones park, gun hire, mask hire, overall hire, gloves, body armour and unlimited air refills.


300 paintballs: £25.00
500 paintballs: £30.00

How is Junior Paintball Different?

Junior paintball is suitable for players in between the ages of 8 and– 13. Comparing junior paintball to normal paintball, in junior paintball the guns are lighter, easier to operate, safer and fun to use. Each game is anywhere from 30 minutes to an1 hour. In jJunior paintball, the game modes are more specific like Capture the Flag or Team Deathmatch.

Why is Junior Paintball Fun?  

Junior paintball offers an exhilarating and thrilling experience for younger players, to experience what a paintball game is like. Combining the excitement of a strategic game with a splatter of colourful paintballs. This adrenaline-pumping outdoor activity provides allows kids and teenagers to engage in a friendly competition, whilst using their critical thinking skills and teamwork.

With age-appropriate equipment, junior paintball ensures players have a blast in a controlled and supervised environment. 

  • Guns are less powerful, and the paintballs are smaller. This means they don’t hurt as much when you are shot. 
  • The paintball guns are lighter, so children can carry them with ease. 
  • The junior paintball events are organised safely and as private events, so they won’t interfere with the adult games. 
  • Parents and older siblings are welcome to join in. 
  • The games can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 an hour, all while being an intense, jam-packed game. 
  • No hidden costs included. 

FAQ's for Children's Paintball

Junior paintball is catered to anyone aged 8 years old and over. This is because the guns are lightweight, safer, and easy to operate.  

With Junior paintball, the guns are smaller and lighter. This means they won’t hurt as much when you are shot.

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Yes, and your kids will love you for it. Junior paintball is an exciting and thrilling experience that will surely make you a hero in the eyes of young adventurers. When you arrive with your group of young warriors, our dedicated and experienced staff will take charge of the day's activities, allowing you to sit back and relax. 

Junior paintball is catered for the ages 8 to 13. Most children that play at this age, can understand the game and not overreact when hit. All our games are supervised by experienced marshalls, from start to finish.  

In the UK to play paintball, the age range is 8 and over. 

When it comes to paintballing, it is normally recommended to wear older clothes. The reason behind this is that while you are wearing the protective overalls provided, there is a chance of getting paint splatters on the clothes you are wearing underneath. Therefore, opting for older clothes that you don't mind potentially getting stained is a wise choice to ensure the longevity of your favourite outfits. 

Low-impact paintball is designed for children. They are always used in junior paintball games, to help children have a fun and safe paintball experience.  

Junior paintball sessions could last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.  

The youngest age to play paintball in the UK is 8 years old. At this age, your young one is more likely to understand the rules of paintball.