Bristol's No 1 Paintball Venue

Prepare to lock, load and catch the adrenaline buzz with paintball Bristol.

Are you looking for an action-packed, adrenaline-filled outdoor experience in immersive settings with your friends? Then look no further than Paintball Park Kidderminster – definitely one of the best paintballing venues in the UK.  

Have you got an event coming up and aren’t sure what to plan? A birthday, stag or hen do or are you looking for a corporate day out with a difference? Then paintballing for your Bristol crew is the answer. With some of the most exhilarating, fast-paced and exclusive game zones in the UK, you’ll find everything you need for an exciting day out at our paintball venue.  

Why choose paintball for Bristol days out?

Paintball in Bristol, Birmingham and the surrounding areas is the ultimate day out to get together and make memories with family and friends. We have eight exciting and completely different game zones with unique challenges and scenarios to keep everyone on their toes.

Game zones include Wild West, Battlefield, Balls to the Wall, Player’s Playground and Junk in the Trunk – which all contain life-sized props and obstacles such as cars, shacks, tyre stacks and more to hide behind or ambush others from. Sniper towers and barricades provide screens for sharp shooting or throwing smoke grenades to give your team cover to advance 

How to find us

Facilities at PPK for Bristol paintballing

Just a short 20-minute drive from the M5, you’ll arrive at our car park and the adventure can begin. When you’ve registered, we get you kitted out with helmets and goggles as well as your overalls, gun and paintballs, and the safety briefing before sending you out into your mission. 

Upgraded equipment is available for a small charge and if you’re a paintball enthusiast with your own equipment, then discounted paintballs are offered.  

A covered seating area, known as the safe zone, provides a place for you to rest and refresh while enjoying the range of hot and cold food and drinks which are available to purchase. 

Our highly trained and expert marshals ensure that the game rules are being followed and keep an eye out for the safety of everyone onsite while being on hand if anyone needs help during the games.  

Paintballing for Bristol days out

Having one of the UK’s best paintballing centres a mere hour away from Bristol makes sense for your day out or party event. Suitable for all ages, whether you have a birthday to celebrate or want a corporate day out with a difference, PPK paintballing has you covered.

Playing combat games for real in the fresh air will bring an exciting twist to your weekend or party occasion. Brilliant for combining strategy, imagination, quick thinking and sheer exhilaration, paintballing in Bristol has never been so much fun! 

Why Paintballing? 

Paintballing for your Bristol day out holds a wide range of benefits and excitement. It is a unique social experience to share with your family and friends – hanging out and competing in a friendly and safe space will guarantee to create excitement and memories and is the best way to escape the everyday, unwind and rejuvenate – the ultimate stress relief!  

Paintballing in Bristol offers both mental and physical benefits apart from the fun of hanging out with your mates. Apart from the physical fitness of the game, it helps you work better as a team, communicate well and think strategically as well as having to solve problems and make decisions on the spot.

Paintballing is the pinnacle of stress relief helping to improve mood and mental wellbeing as well as build confidence and self-esteem – not to mention the great memories you create that last a lifetime.  

What should we bring for paintballing? 

You need to make sure that you’re wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothes that you can move easily in, and enclosed supportive footwear, such as sports shoes or walking boots, that will protect your feet and ankles. We provide overalls and protective wear, but you may want to bring a change of clothes to keep any dirty items from soiling your car at the end of the day.  

Ultimately bring your sense of fun and adventure – to make sure that you have the best day playing paintball in Bristol. 

Choose PPK for your paintball day out in Bristol 

With a team of enthusiastic and highly trained instructors to give you all the training you need and who will stay on hand to ensure that the game rules are being followed and to help out if you need any assistance during the games, you’re guaranteed the best time. 

With the widest selection of game zones and one of the longest-running paintballing sites in the UK, you’re sure to have a blast with your family, friends or colleagues. Whether you come alone and join with other players, making new connections, or as a group, you’re certain to have an experience like no other with PPK.  

Get in touch or call 0800 0433858 to chat with a friendly member of our team and book your party in for an unforgettable day out.