Game Zones


One for the call of duty fans

For all you gamers out there this is a call of duty domination style game zone, battle across a field of Tanks, Helicopters, Military Trucks and Ambulances, dive over sandbag walls and take cover behind camo barriers all while attempting to dominate more outposts than the enemy, this game zone will suit every player, you can run, jump and achieve objectives for your team or stay back and lay down cover for your comrades.


Gunslinger Action!

Welcome to the Wicked Wild West, this field has it all, from a 2 storey saloon, a church, gravestones, stockades and a whole village worth of buildings to work through.

This is an attack and defend game zone with one team defending the saloon both upstairs and downstairs while the enemy team attempt to work through the wild west village and eventually storm the saloon in an all-out gun fight.


Post-Apocalyptic Tactical Warfare

Imagine a game zone filled with abandoned vehicles, tipped over cars, and tyre barricades galore…. Sounds Great? Now imagine a tyre tunnel of death in the middle of this field…. There lies your objective! Retrieve the Golden Tyre from the tunnel of death and then launch a full assault on the enemy team while taking the tyre to their base area.


Play paintball like the pro’s

This is our tournament style inflatable field, we are the only site that allows regular customers to play on a sup-air field, its fast paced, its incredibly loud and it’s a whole load of fun.

You can try and make it to the snake if you’re fast enough, creep down the Dorito side if you are stealthy enough or just charge for the centre of the field if you are brave enough.

Each team will have a flag in the middle of the field under the mighty “M” it is your job to retrieve your flag and run it to the enemies starting point to win the game. This is a fantastic field to play if you want to get the adrenaline pumping.


Attack or defend, survive or die

Teamwork is a definite must on this field as half of your team will stay behind and defend your jailhouse while the other half rush out into the field and make their way from barricade to barricade in an attempt to infiltrate the opposing teams jailhouse whilst wiping out all of the enemy team along the way.

Can you make the jailhouse rock?


Fast, aggressive, action packed

There is never a dull moment on this field, picture 40-50 players on a small field filled with wooden barricades where their sole mission is to eliminate the enemy team as fast as possible, from the word go you will be in close proximity to the enemy team, there is no time to think on this field you must literally charge forward and get your balls to the wall in this fast paced high intensity deathmatch


King of the hill 

Set on a steep sloped woodland floor, both teams will start at the bottom corners of the hill in their fort, when the whistle blows it is a race to retrieve the flag from the top of the hill and run it back down into the main HQ building, race up the hill using the trees as cover or fall back and protect your runners, teamwork is a must to successfully plant your flag in the HQ


Elevated sharpshooters protect your ground troops

This game zone is laden with wooden sniper towers allowing you to gain a height advantage over the infantry players on the ground, watch out for those head shots though, they will definitely wake you up. To win this game you need to capture the enemy’s flag and run it into the enemy starting zone, a brave soul and some good sniper cover will allow you to be victorious in this battle.


Yes you read that correctly

Bomb Hole is an attack and defend game, it is simple yet exhilarating, one team will defend the base while the other team rush the field in an attempt to plant their bomb and destroy the defenders base, the bomb can be thrown across from player to player but it must be run into the end zone by a live player.

Smoke grenades are a great help on this field