Walk On

At PPK we have a large group of regular own gunners...

We accommodate players with their own kit every weekend to mix amongst the regular customers at a cost of £60 per box.

However, once a month we hold a walk-on event purely for own gunners with prices of £45 for your first box then £35 per box thereafter.

We usually have around 25-35 players for these events, the games are marshalled properly and you can forget objectives, with us it is all about total team death match.

We also know how frustrating it can be to turn up to an event and find you have got gun, tank or hopper issues so we keep a stock of spare etek-5’s, dye rotors and air tanks in case you need a spare for the day so you can still enjoy the event.

Our staff are also pretty handy at fixing any issues you may have and are always happy to help.


For more information
Call: 0800 043 3858
or email us

Come and join us on our next walk-on, we promise you will become a regular at our site.

We pride ourselves on having a fantastic group of regulars some travelling for more than an hour to play at our site, our own gunners are one big friendly family of fun loving pro’s

Our facilities

  • Clean toilets and washrooms
  • Hot & cold food and drinks
  • Secure lockers for personal belongings
  • Seated base camp area for breaks between games
  • Large car park
  • Card payments accepted on site

For more information
Call: 0800 043 3858
or email us