Walkon Calendar


Book online with NO DEPOSIT or just turn up on the day of your booking.

Available dates

Sunday 22nd Mar
Sunday 5th Apr
Sunday 3rd May
Sunday 7th Jun
Sunday 5th Jul
Sunday 2nd Aug
Sunday 6th Sep
Sunday 4th Oct
Sunday 1st Nov
Sunday 6th Dec

For more information call
0800 043 3858 or email

Entry Fee £20 - followed by one of the following options:-

  • Bring your own paint
  • GI Custom £28 per box
  • GI 3 star £30 per box
  • GI 4 star £32 per box
  • GI Evil £34 per box

10.5 Balls Per Second BPS
280 Feet Per Second FPS

Magfed players welcome as always, first strike rounds are permitted with min engagement of 5m, round ball pistols to be carried, no powder balls.