7 Reasons Why Paintball Is A Must-do Valentine’s Day Activity

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The hen playing paintball on her hen do.

Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday traditionally known for romantic meals, amorous cards, roses, chocolates and showering your significant other with gifts to show just how much you adore them.

But what if, this year, you did something a little bit different? Something a bit more ‘out there’, rather than the traditional 90-minute meal? What if you and your other half decided to go paintballing for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re sat there wondering “Why on earth would we do that?”, we’ve got a list of reasons that might just convince you…

1. It’ll stand out from any other Valentine’s dates

No matter what, going paintballing on Valentine’s day is likely to be far more memorable than traditional date options, even if you head to your favourite restaurant. Spontaneity is a sought-after quality in relationships, and your partner might love it if you drop the standard stuff and do something fun, active, and even slightly competitive instead.

2. Valentine’s Paintballing is Fun

Whatever stage you are in your relationship, paintballing is a sure-fire win for a fun date idea. On the paintball field, you can both be as proactive or relaxed as you want to be, and it’s a chance to spend time with your partner without the pressure of any awkward silences to fill. And if you’ve been together for a long while, then doing something different could open your eyes to aspects of your partner that you haven’t seen before.

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Hundreds of our customers have said that paintball is a fun experience. Who doesn’t love to do something fun, especially when you’re doing it with a loved one?

3. Valentine’s Paintballing will show you the deeper personality of your date

You can learn a lot about your partner from playing paintball. Shooting people is an unusual situation to most people, so you’re likely to see parts of their personality that you haven’t seen before. You may see any of the following traits out on the paintball field:

  • Tactical

  • Empathetic

  • Competitive

  • Natural leader

  • Team player

  • Confident

  • Good or bad communicator

A game of paintball might just give you an insight as to how your partner deals with stressful situations, how they tackle problems, and how confident they are in unfamiliar situations.

4. Valentine’s paintballing can build healthy competition

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on the same team or playing against each other during your Valentine’s paintballing date. Either way, you’ll be able to see what kind of opponent your date is – and you’ll have fun while doing it. If you’re a naturally competitive person, and you really want to impress your date with your paintball skills, check out our blog on how to improve your paintball gameplay.

Pro tip: If you tell your date how impressed you are with how they’re playing then this will score you extra points. If you’re clearly the better player then you can assure your date that you will protect them in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Pro tip: If you tell your date how impressed you are with how they’re playing then this will score you extra points. If you’re clearly the better player then you can assure your date that you will protect them in case of zombie apocalypse.

5. Valentine’s Day Paintballing is great for Bonding

Whether you’re showering your date with compliments about their paintball skills, protecting each other in the line of fire, or working together to beat your opponents, paintballing is a memorable activity that’s guaranteed to help partners bond. You’ll be able to share these memories, laugh about them, and maybe even repeat your date to continue the fun.

6. Valentine’s Day Paintballing is exciting and naturally boosts adrenaline

Even the timidest players can get caught up in the excitement of shooting paintballs at other human beings. Once you’ve shot your first few paintballs, you’ll no doubt be ready to be playing completely gung-ho.

Moving up, down and across the field to reach your objective, dodging your opponents, and doing your best to be the last player standing – once the adrenalin kicks in, you’ll feel unstoppable. Adrenalin, of course, also makes people happy and excited, which is an added bonus.

7. Valentine’s Day Paintballing can lead to a great Valentine’s Evening

So, after you and your date have rolled around in the mud, fuelled by adrenalin, shooting paintballs and sharing in the excitement and thrills, the adrenalin rush of competition can be a precursor to a great and romantic Valentine’s evening. After the game, couples can go on to enjoy some more common Valentine’s past times, such as a nice dinner together – with the added benefit of reflecting on their experiences at the paintball park, maybe even showing each other any bruises they picked up during their date. The shared experience can create a deeper connection for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day.


This Valentine’s Day, paintballing is the perfect “outside the box” kind of date to impress your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together or what you want to achieve from your date. Not only is it an opportunity to try something new for many people, but it has endless opportunities to impress.

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