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Paintball is gaining popularity every year, with over 3.41 million people playing in the US during 2017 (Statista, 2022). Established in the UK now for over 20 years. It is suggested that the game developed from forestry workers who developed a paint-splattering device in order to mark trees for felling. Cowboys caught on to this, and then began to use the markers on livestock – before turning them onto one another!

Part of the games’ international appeal is that it can be different every time it’s played, with a variety of objectives, that may include taking something, bringing something, finding something, or fighting to be the last person standing! Depending on the field you play on, tactics will vary. Players may choose different team strategy, employing discreet tactics; picking their shots carefully and moving with stealth – or the complete opposite; shooting constantly, playing loud and fast. What type of player are you?

Paintball can be played indoor or outdoor, with as few as two people, or as many as 500 per game. A game can last 5 minutes or 24 hours. The game may be different every time, but there’s one thing that remains constant: paintball is always an adrenaline rush.

Who Can Play:

As paintball is so varied, with so many game modes and play styles, the game is suitable for people of all ages! This bodes the same with occasion, being a popular option for ‘’birthday parties, stag and hen parties, team building and tournament events’’ (UKPBA, 2022).

Paintball doesn’t have to be limited to solely adults, especially at PPK! We currently offer junior paintball, which utilizes ‘’lighter pellets’’, and game modes that are ‘’less intense, and kid-friendly’’ for 8-12 year olds’’ (PPK, 2022). For more information on who can play, try out the following webpages:

Top-10 Paintball Tips:

Plan of Attack

Paintballing requires a team effort, and within a team, it’s important to establish a plan of attack or defence together. Having a team strategy or a game plan will provide you with a much bigger chance of success. A well-thought-out plan is vital to the success of your team.


Because paintballing is a team-centred game, it’s incredibly important to communicate with your teammates and understand each other with minimal speech. You’re going to want to stay quiet as best you can and communicate mainly with eye contact and hand gestures, as to not give intel to the opposition.

Keep Moving

Standing still or just hanging around in the same spot is going to get you noticed for sure by the enemy. You’re going to want to gain as much distance from the get-go and move forward always. Staying still will get you seen, shot and out. Speed and movement are your friends.

Stay Aware

Don’t focus all your attention on one person or one spot. Focusing all your energy on one thing will likely make you an easy target for other players. You need to stay vigilant and work smart.

Gain Info

Gain as much info about the game zones as possible. Try making a mental map of the game zones and identify as many hiding spots or vantage points as you can. Match referees are a good source of information for this intel.

Vision Goggles

Your most important equipment is your goggles. If used and maintained correctly, they will keep your eyes, face and ears protected, whilst also giving you an unobstructed view of the battlefield. If impaired due to sweat or steamed-up lenses, then it won’t even matter if you are the best shot on the field. Listen to your guide during the brief before your match, as he’ll explain how to sort out your goggles using anti-fog coatings, and the correct clothing.

Using Cover
Playing Paintball is often described as ‘’hide and seek with guns’’. This becomes very apparent when every barricade, tree, bush, vehicle, building etc, that is big enough and thick enough to hide your body behind can be used as ‘cover’ from opposition bullets. As a result, the angle and size of the cover are crucial, including the way you hide behind it. In paintball, a toe shot is just as deadly as a face shot, therefore you need to make sure the whole of your body is always fully behind your chosen cover. If not, find a better cover! The opposition certainly will.

Everyone’s an expert, with their own ‘perfect’ methods of playing and winning. We have listened to all of these, and have come up with some common tactics for you to champion in any scenario and game mode:

  • The first thing is to make sure your team is not susceptible to being flanked. Teams can counteract this by ensuring that their players are spread out across the map from tape to tape. You can try stacking players up in areas with lots of covers, as it will allow you good opportunities to move for a quick advantage.
  • By shooting across the field diagonally, from behind your chosen cover – instead of shooting straight ahead, you can minimize your chances of being shot, whilst also giving you some easy side and back shots on the opposition.
  • If all goes wrong, it is worth holding a smaller number of players about 10 – 15 meters back from the front line. These guys can snipe at the opposition to keep their heads down whilst acting as reserves to fill empty positions or to fall right back into good defensive spots for the last stand.

Aggression / Stealth

Being Powerful and aggressive can only work so much of the time. Discreet and careful movements will benefit you more in the long run. You should prioritize learning how to blend into backgrounds and creep around the course undetected.

Have Fun.

Remember it is just a game and if you are losing, it’s all part of good sportsmanship. You can feel the pressure when the enemy fire is heavy on you, so try to keep a positive mindset and just have fun. You are part of a team, so your attitude will reflected in the team also. A happy team will result in the most fun.

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