Paintball team together shooting in camouflage wear

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re here to learn how to play paintball, you’re all going to benefit from some additional tips to improve your paintball game. Paintballing can be incredibly fun for the whole family, with friends or even by yourself. There are a lot of opportunities to play, either in a league or on a team, take your family or friends for an exciting day out, even paintball for kids! No matter your skillset or experience, everyone likes to be good at something, and more importantly, everyone likes to win!

If you’re eager to boost your paintballing skills, read on and find out how to beast your friends in your next paintball match!


Paintballing requires a team effort, and within a team, it’s important to establish a plan of attack or defence together. Having a team strategy or a game plan will provide you with a much bigger chance of success. A well-thought-out plan is vital to the success of your team.

Keep it simple

There’s no reason for you to go wild and push forward as a one-person team. Strategize a plan with your team and stick to it. Working together is better than working alone, and your chances of winning will be much higher if you stick with the team and keep it simple.


Because paintballing is a team centred game, it’s incredibly important to communicate with your teammates and understand each other with minimal speech. You’re going to want to stay quiet as best you can and communicate mainly with eye contact and hand gestures.


In paintball, strategizing is important. You’re going to want to use whatever advantages you have on your side. One of these could be the element of surprise. Formulating a plan of attack that will surprise the other team can grab you a fast victory. You could even just utilize the obstacles and hides available to you and sneak up on opposing players. There are many ways to use the element of surprise, just make sure it works to your advantage!

Keep moving

Standing still or just hanging around in the same spot is going to get you noticed for sure. You’re going to want to gain as much distance from the get-go: move forward always. Staying still will get you seen, shot, and out. Speed and movement are your friends.

Stay aware

Don’t focus all your attention on one person or one spot. Focusing all your energy on one thing will likely make you an easy target by other players. You need to stay vigilant and work smart.

Gain info

Gain as much info about the game zones as possible. Try to make a mental map of the game zones and identify as many hiding spots or vantage points as you can


Being powerful and aggressive can only work so much of the time. Discreet and careful movements will benefit you more in the long run. You should prioritise learning how to blend into backgrounds and creep around the course undetected.

Have fun

Remember it is just a game and if you are losing, it’s all part of good sportsmanship. You can feel the pressure when the enemy fire is heavy on you, so try to keep a positive mindset and just have fun. You are part of a team, so your attitude will reflect in the team also. A happy team will result in the most fun.

Learn the tricks

Pyrotechnics are a great trick to learn to up your game. Try flashbangs, thunder flashes, or paint/smoke grenades. Flashbangs can keep your enemy’s head down long enough to complete an attack. Use the element of surprise to your advantage and own the paintball game with the perfect strategy.