Team Building Makes Winners!

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Paintball Team Building Activity.

Your team take shots that will never go in, it’s the bottom of the ninth and you’re never gonna win, this game hasn’t turned out quite the way you want it to be.
You bring on a brand-new ringer or a super-sub, not knowing they have come straight from the pub, good attitude and commitment are barely anywhere to see.
(Team building’s what you need?)

I’m gonna trade a small fee for a paintball game, which will bring my team their fortune and fame.

I need self believe that has got no limit, I need my team to believe they can win it if they’re in it, I want success that makes us feel we stand at 37,000 feet.
(Team building does that.)

Cos we all just wanna be paintball stars, hiding behind downed choppers and derelict cars, taking our opponents out one by one, following a team plan so we don’t go wrong.
Your team will grow respect for each other, sister from a mister or brother from a mother, enjoying an away day to re-ignite their spark, no better place than a paintball park.
(Sounds good, I’m in.)

At PPK Paintball Park, just off the M5, instil renewed vigour and come alive, the prices are low, so bring your whole crew, for team building activities designed for you.


Nickelback aside, sometimes we find results are not going the way we planned or hoped, and it is the job of the manager to try and unravel the reasons behind why your team is not quite there. There is a train of thought that believes passion can get you just as far as skill and talent. While we are not too sure this is true, as you certainly need some degree of skill for the role you play, we do believe that passion can amplify your individual abilities and this can quickly pass through your team, leaving you with a revved-up team, full of desire and all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Paintball team building days are a fantastic way to incorporate and develop a range of skills that bring cohesion to a team and instil a renewed enthusiasm and confidence they can take back with them onto the pitch.


In the ever-changing landscape of a sports match, a team that doesn’t adapt is not going to succeed, and how can a team adapt if they don’t communicate? Paintball requires players to work together and communicate effectively to continually strategize in the moment and implement new team actions or reactions. This communication translates well to the sports field as understanding and cooperation are crucial among teammates.


Paintball is a game of tactics and strategy, which is a key skill people look to develop in team building. Players need to think quickly and adapt to changing situations. This skill set can help sports teams develop better game strategies and improve decision-making skills during high-pressure moments. It is an effective way to learn to keep your head when others around may be losing theirs.


Playing paintball can enhance spatial awareness as players are fully aware of their surroundings to find cover, spot opponents and avoid being hit. This is a great skill to develop for the sports field as it allows players to have a greater view of the whole game, teaching them to use their peripheral vision and react quickly.


Depending on the objective of the game you are playing or the design of the zone, paintball can be a physically demanding activity that improves fitness for players. It involves running, dodging and quick movements, and at the top level is considered a great variant of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This can not only help improve the level of fitness of your team but also enhance their agility and endurance.


Any personal success is a terrific way to build confidence, which is a key component in any sport and in daily life. Confidence in one’s abilities can not only lead to improved performance in competitive situations but also help players learn how to handle pressure. Paintball games often mimic high-pressure situations and when players react, adapt and come out on top, their confidence grows, which is great for team building.


Paintball is an enjoyable way to relieve stress and have some fun outside of the regular sports training routine. It is also a chance for teammates to get together and participate in something different whilst getting to know each other on a personal level. Why not add to the team building activity with a contest between friends; or even decide on the team captain by whoever gets the most points?


At PPK Paintball Park, we boast eight different battle zones, all with different landscapes, themes and objectives. This makes us stand out against the rest as we can offer sports teams the opportunity to develop their skillsets and comradery whilst adapting to differing scenarios, all for the best price around. See your players grow in the paintball zone and then grow on the sports field. See your players developing strategies, communicating and working together. See your players become a team.


Before playing paintball, newbies often worry about a few things they really shouldn’t. People assume being hit by a fast-moving projectile will hurt; but because of modern lightweight paintballs, all-over body armour and protective clothing, it feels like being flicked by a rubber band at worst. Additionally, due to the strict safety rules enforced by the game marshals, you are never shot at close range.

Every game contains a wide range of players with varying levels of stamina, mobility and physical fitness, but this has no bearing on performance. Paintball is all about strategy, and the softly, softly approach can often reap the greatest rewards. If you have any further questions or concerns then feel free to chat with our friendly team, who can dispel any myths and show you how safe and fun paintball truly is.  

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.