Paintball: The Ultimate Christmas party

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Wild West battle zone paintball player running.

Ho! Ho! Ho! The season is fast approaching and it’s time to start dusting off those decorations and work Christmas party ideas to get those around you into the festive spirit.

But planning the ultimate office Christmas party requires finesse as well as proper engagement from employees and friends. In fact, 54% of employees don’t look forward to their work Christmas parties. It’s time to find something different and exciting, all while allowing employees the chance to release their stress in a safe environment.

This year, why not book a work Christmas paintball party instead? At PPK, the best paintballing experience in the West Midlands, we’re offering tailored packages to those looking for some Christmas cheer in a unique way.

Keep reading to find out why booking a day out paintballing offers the ultimate team building Christmas party experience that the entire office will never forget.

Why choose paintball?

Work Christmas parties often follow a similar pattern that results in a dull and dry affair: a Christmas meal with maybe a few drinks. And that’s it. It’s time to break the mould and do something unusual, exciting and rewarding.

Paintballing offers an array of benefits and an opportunity for colleagues to bond and come together… it also acts as a great way for them to let off steam without the price of a hangover the following day.

Paintballing offers a unique experience

Offer something different and unique for this year’s office Christmas party with a game of paintball. Start by lighting up the Christmas tree then go light up one of our eight amazing game zones with paint; head to the Wild West before moving over to the post-apocalyptic game zone that is Junk in the Trunk!

At PPK, we offer a unique experience that’s perfect for team building and corporate events that allow you to do something different at Christmas. If you’re looking for a unique way to reward your staff and keep them engaged this Christmas, then paintballing is something to consider that’s also affordable.

Paintball is good exercise

If you want to burn off that Christmas dinner, then paintball is the way to do it! Paintball comes with a lot of added health benefits and is even a full body workout. Run back and forth, dodge and duck before diving and… dodging some more, all across our exhilarating woodland game zones.

Paintballing burns calories and builds endurance in an outdoor setting, giving you plenty of fresh air at the same time. While the thought of doing exercise as a work Christmas party idea might not be appealing to some, the excitement that paintballing brings to the table – and the added bonuses we provide at PPK – is much more appealing and enjoyable than a pot of brussels sprouts…

It’s fun (and safe!)

Running around the woods on one of our eight unique game zones provides hours of fun, no matter your age. It gives you the chance to communicate with your colleagues in a setting outside of work and gets you to work together in your team to win.

Our paintball games are completely safe, with overalls, armour and proper protection provided with your booking. We provide compulsory safety briefings, and every game is monitored by a qualified Marshall. We also offer low-calibre paintball guns if you’re worried about getting bruises from paintball right before Christmas.

Don’t be a scrooge this year and book your colleagues a fun Christmas party that brings everyone together to shoot paint at each other. And in the end, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?!

A unique office Christmas party with PPK

Find a new way to reward your colleagues this year with something that they’ll not only enjoy but will give them great memories, exercise and plenty of fresh air. Enjoy a a Christmas party like no other at PPK.

At PPK, we specialise in catering to big groups like corporate events, with free onsite parking, food and drink options and an array of paint and smoke weapon upgrades delivered straight from Santa’s workshop.

Book online today for the ultimate work Christmas party or contact us to learn more about our tailored Christmas packages.

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.