Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Are you looking for kids’ party ideas?

  • Have you considered an outdoor kids’ party idea?

  • Have you found yourself Googling “kids’ party ideas near me”?

  • Do you still have your heart set on a big kids’ party idea?

  • Are you desperately trying to think of birthday party ideas?

Given the recent pandemic, the ensuing lockdowns, and continuing restrictions on how many people can gather at once, planning a kid’s birthday party can be stressful and many parents have been left pulling their hair out over planning a birthday party for their child after they have scoured Google and not found what they are looking for.

Parents do not want their kid’s birthday party to go uncelebrated, however, with the current restrictions it is a lot harder than it used to be to plan a birthday party and invite everyone that your child wants there and avoid the politics that then ensue when some are not invited.

PPK are here for these parents and these kids though. We do not want to see parents struggling to arrange their kids’ birthday party so we are happy to tell them that we can offer outdoor kids’ parties without a cap on numbers so not only is it outdoors but it can be as big as you or your child wants it to be meaning that no one will be left feeling left out.

So, what is so great about kid’s paintball?

Any child 8 years’ old or over can play up to the age of thirteen and for any groups fourteen years old and older, they can play our main paintball as long as their disclaimer is countersigned by a responsible adult.

Entry to PPK and all of our amazing game zones, gun hire, mask hire, overall hire and unlimited air refills is included with all our prices.

Kids playing paintball

We run our kids paintball, often birthday groups, as private group events so even parents and older siblings can join in the fun. All we ask at PPK is a minimum group booking off eight players, we can cater for as many as you would like to book for though.

Paintball for kids is the perfect day out if you are looking for an outdoor and/ or big kids’ party idea.

The fresh air, dirt, exercise and exhilarating action is insanely exciting for kids and they will soon be making memories that they will never forget.

Kids’ paintball is available every Saturday or Sunday as either a morning (10am-12.30pm) or afternoon (1pm- 3.30pm) but does require booking in advance as your party will have your own dedicated marshal and we want to ensure that we have adequate staff in advance.

As mentioned previously, your kids’ party will be run as a private group with one of our qualified marshals on hand to look after your kid’s party from start to finish. They will provide the perfect guns for the kids to use after they have had a safety briefing, give them all the knowledge that they will need to prepare for battle and encourage any players with any trepidations to move forward and take part in the paintball game a little more. We have found that this means that the kids get far more enjoyment out of the game by being encouraged to take part in it a bit more.

Kids parties will be issued with special .45 calibre paintball guns which are slightly different to the guns that the grown ups use. The special issued paintballs are smaller than the ones used by the grown ups so do not hurt as much.

The kids will then be taken onto various game fields, objectives will be explained, and the games will ensue. All of our staff fully support the kids party groups with safety being our focus while the kids are let loose.

Parents and older siblings are welcome to join in on the madness if they wish, who will win the paintball party? You or your kids? Alternatively, there are free hot drinks back at basecamp for adults who do not wish to take part. Parents do not need to stay on site if they do not wish. PPK do, however, need a responsible adult for anyone under the age of 16. It is effectively a great way of kids’ day care!

Further to the above, your children will be running around for a full half day at their kid’s party. When you take them home, they will be completely exhausted so if you do decide to take a COVID-19 compliant group home then you will most likely be tucking a tired group of kids in nice and early rather than being kept up by hyper children with too much energy.

PPK is, of course, completely COVID-19 compliant. At PPK we have plenty of space, it is all outside and we have sanitising stations. Alongside all this, everything is, of course, cleaned down between guests.

There are numerous reasons why PPK is the perfect choice for your kid’s birthday party. We have touched on just a few of them but there are so many more. If you would like to discuss kids’ birthday parties at PPK then do not hesitate to get in contact. You can either call or e-mail us and it is so easy to book. For your next kid’s birthday party get in touch because along with all the above, PPK will make sure that your kids have a blast.

For any first-time players, head over to our article on how to play paintball for the first time because we have got you covered there as well.