kids enjoying paintball game

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor activities for your kids to enjoy?

What about paintball for kids?

Paintballing is a great way for your kids to get rid of all that extra energy with fresh air, dirt, exercise and exhilarating action.

This is why paintball games make the best day out for kids.

Here are 3 reasons why paintball for kids is a great outdoor activity

  • Paintball for kids is safe!

  • Paintball days make the best kids birthday parties.

  • Paintball can help your kids stay active while having fun.


Is Paintball safe?

Person wearing mask for safety


Parents often worry how safe the actual game of paintball is, let me reassure you, it has one of the lowest injury rates.

Let’s face it, taking a group of children to shoot at each other can be quite daunting.

With that in mind, information is provided including all the important information relevant to your risk assessment.

Paintball bookings run as a private group booking with a qualified marshall on hand to look after your young ones from start to finish.

From providing the correct paintball guns for kids to use, as well as giving them all the knowledge to prepare them for battle.

Are different paintball guns for kids used?

Yes, there are different paintball guns for kids.

The 0.5c paintball equipment has been designed to be a low impact version because it uses smaller paintballs (0.50c rather than 0.68c) fired at a lower velocity.

An image containing paintball game equipment


The equipment has been engineered so kids ages 8+ can easily load, and fire the markers ensuring your child will enjoy hours and hours of safe, outdoor fun. This is what makes this game for kids the best idea for an adventurous day out.

Paintball days make the best kids parties.

Kid is playing paintball game


Paintball parties for kids allow them to stay active while having fun.

It is a great way for your child to have a great time with their friends, improve on their teamwork building skills and get them outside in the fresh air.

Oh, and it gets better.

Once the game ends, your young ones can go on to enjoy the party food in the base camp area.

Parents and older siblings are welcome to join in on the madness of paintballing if you wanted to keep a close eye. Who will win the this game, you or your young ones?

Paintball helps you kids to stay active.

In today’s digital world we are so used to doing everything through our mobile phones that sometimes we forget to live a little.

The kids of today are absorbed by their phones that they forget what adventure is, remind them with this outdoor experience.

Paintballing will keep your kids active and, also, allow them to work on the skills of teambuilding.

Rather than firing out content for likes in the world of social media they can put their energy to good use.

Junior Paintball

If you are looking for paintballing for 8-year-olds to 13-year-olds, junior paintball is the perfect option.

The idea of playing this game might seem scary at first and the thought of sending your little ones along to a call of duty style game might make your mind explode but fear not, junior paintball is available at most paintball park venues.

Kids are now spending less time outside and more time sat behind a phone screen which is impacting their health and fitness.

Paintball games manage to capture the elements of gaming with physical activity.

The perfect combo!

Not only that but while they play you can sit back relax and enjoy tea or coffee while they run around having the time of their life while burning all that energy.

It’s time to play paintball.

Kid is diving while playing paintball game


With the world becoming more digital it can be hard to find activities to entertain the kids.

Social media and gaming have become the priority making it harder for people to know how to socialise.

Just think about it for a second, how do you communicate?

This generation has become dominated by our devices as we turn to our phones and other devices to communicate and the kids of today are following in our footsteps.

It is time to give them adventure back and let them be children again, let them play and let them be free.

Paintballing offers that game style element to a physical activity mixing the world of digital and actual exercise into one.

So, what makes the best kind of party for your little ones?

Paintball for kids that’s the answer.