Paintball Tactics Demystified: Strategies For Onfield Success

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A small team of paintball players take cover behind the medical vehicle in the Battlefield battle zone.

A mist creeps across the barren wasteland. Death whispers in shadows and haunts corners. A crow cries out three times. In the distance the sound of paintball fire is drowned by the screams of war and, as your heart escapes and your breath vanishes, the stark reality hits you. They’re coming for you!

Now is the time for heroes. Now is the time for teamwork. Now is the time to call on all your training, lest you leave the glorious battlefield as nothing more than a by-product of fast-paced sport.

At PPK, we love to see our customers engross themselves in a game of paintball, but let’s be honest, it is much more fun if you do well. So, we thought it would be helpful of us to give you all a few handy hints and top tips, so you can survive all our battlefields and come out on top.


Even if you have never played paintball before, you will know if you never advance, you are just waiting to be eliminated. Whatever the objective of the game, you have to make inroads as a team, so here are a few strategies you can implement to give you the edge.

Flanking Manoeuvres
This strategy involves splitting your team into groups, with the main group engaging the opponents head-on to draw their attention, while a smaller group sneaks around the side to catch them unaware.

Suppression and Advance
Use one part of your team to lay down heavy fire on the opponent’s position, preventing them from moving or effectively engaging, whilst the other part of your team advances to new advantageous positions.

Divide and Conquer
This tactic intends to break down the opponent into smaller more manageable groups and take out each player one by one. This can be aided by terrain, obstacles, rapid movements or suppressive fire.

Rapid Assault
Speed and surprise are key elements of this strategy. The idea is to launch a fast, aggressive attack before the opponents have a chance to prepare themselves. This can involve sprinting to beneficial positions, use of smoke grenades for cover and overwhelming the enemy with a swift coordinated strike.

Feint and Ambush
In this strategy, a small part of your team engages the enemy, making it seem like a full-scale onslaught, prompting engagement or repositioning, however, the main attack comes from another direction, catching the opponents unaware and unprepared.

Player's Playground cover by a tree.


Though we have mentioned sitting back is waiting to be eliminated, we of course mean if that is all you do. At times, the best offence is a great defence, and we are going to supply you with some great insights you can use as part of your full-match strategy.

Bunkering Down
This involves choosing strong defensive positions with good cover and visibility, allowing your team to protect key areas or objectives on the field. Teammates should be positioned so they can cover each other and create crossfire, making it difficult for the opponents to advance.

Delayed Counter Attacks
Allow the attacking team to make their move and reveal their positions and strategies. Once their tactical approach presents itself, it is time to make your move and counterattack. This often catches the opponent unaware and unprepared.

Use of Natural Terrain
Use the natural features of the paintball field to your advantage. High ground, dense cover and natural choke points can be used to funnel the attackers for an ambush or slow their advances.

Communication and Flexibility
Maintain constant communication among team members to adapt to the changing dynamics of the game. If a part of the defensive lines is under heavy pressure, be prepared to react and reinforce.

Traps and Ambushes
Set up traps or ambush points where attackers are likely to pass. This doesn’t necessarily mean physical traps, but more strategic positioning where defenders can remain hidden or unnoticed until the opponent is in range.


Teamwork and communication are crucial foundations of any successful strategy, whether offensive or defensive. The nature of paintball, being a simulation of combat scenarios, demands players to work together to effectively manoeuvre and advance, and good teamwork offers a range of benefits on the paintball field including the following.

Strategic Execution
A well-coordinated team can execute complex strategies that confuse and outflank the opposing team. When all members are clear on their role and communicate effectively to move at the precise moment and in the strategic direction, it becomes difficult for the enemy to react and defend themselves.

Resource Optimisation
Effective teamwork ensures the skills and strengths of all members are fully utilised to make up for the weaknesses in others. For example, more experienced players may take on leadership roles, whilst faster players might be used for flanking. Continual communication can ensure a team maximises the use of ammunition, cover positions and strategic opportunities.

Morale and Motivation
Successful teamwork instils a sense of camaraderie that can build a team and help less experienced players develop. It helps a team take more chances as individuals as they know their teammates have their back.

Teams that work well together are more adaptable to changing game dynamics. They can switch from offensive to defensive strategies seamlessly, making it difficult for the opponents to get the upper hand. Open lines of communication allow for swift dissemination of new plans or strategies, ensuring all team members are on the same page and can adapt together.

Red team hold red smoke grenade.


It may be a little daunting for a complete rookie to be thrown into a paintball zone with experienced players, but what choice do they have when the boss has arranged this for a corporate away day?

Well, we are going to give you a few extra tips so that you can have the drop on Michael from accounts and take advantage of the opportunity you have been waiting for since he first started regularly hassling you for the DEMPCU (Daily Estimated Micro-managed Petty Cash Usage) reports. You can’t be held accountable, because when Michael walked onto the paintball field, he gave free rein on hellbent revenge!

Master the Art of Snap Shooting
Snap shooting is a technique where you quickly pop out of cover, unload a few rounds and immediately snap back into cover without the opponent knowing what hit them and perhaps unsure where you are. To excel in snap shooting, practise the movements required, piece them together and then create one flowing move, keeping as much of your body covered as possible.

Enhance Your Field Intelligence
Knowing the layout of the battlefield is a huge advantage to all players who set foot on it. Study the map before playing and look for advantageous positions, high ground, cover and directions for advancement. Also look for the most probable routes the opponents will take, so you can set up an ambush.

Refine Team Dynamics and Communications
Even experienced players can benefit from improved team dynamics and more efficient communication. Work on developing nonverbal signals or codes and ensure all members of the team understand the meaning behind these to give you the advantage whilst your opponents are stuck trying to decipher your instructions.

At PPK, we want all our guests to have a memorable time and understand people enter the field of play with various degrees of experience and skill, so we hope this guide has given you some helpful tips to level the playing field. Another great way to give yourself an advantage is to upgrade your equipment, and if you give us a call to prearrange this, it will be our little secret.

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.