Kids playing paintball

Have you ever asked the question “where can I combine a day outside with lots of fresh air, plenty of exercises, and endless fun for the kids?” Well, the answer to that question is paintball!

Paintballing is a great activity to get the blood pumping and is suitable for ages 8+, as well as being the perfect place for birthday parties or weekend outings. At PPK, we offer a range of exciting courses and game modes that provide the perfect team building activity to immerse your children in.  Teaching them tactics, teamwork, comradery, and fun in an outdoor and secure environment.

With our various paintball packages for juniors, created exclusively for kids between the ages of 8 and 12, each child is provided with the correct protective gear and a low impact paintball gun, designed specifically for kids’ paintball games.

But to some, paintballing might seem a bit daunting for your up-and-coming gunslingers and that’s perfectly normal. We’re here to help calm the nerves and prepare your kid for a day of fun!

How to play paintball for the first time

You might already have a few questions if you’re thinking of taking your kids paintballing, such as: “does it hurt to get shot?” “is it safe for kids?” or even “how do you even play paintball?”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Firstly, at PPK, safety is our primary concern. Secondly, paintball for kids at PPK is a little different (and safer!) than normal paintballing.

As well to the standard protective gear that includes masks, body armour and overalls, we also provide a different paintball gun too. The 0.5c paintball gun is designed for children and has been manufactured to be a low impact version of a regular paintball gun, using smaller paintballs fired at a lower velocity.

Combining all this with a compulsory safety briefing at the start will make a paintball feel like a flick on the arm when getting hit at one of our paintball games.

As we focus on keeping everyone safe, it’s up to your kids to have fun. For those new to paintballing, we offer a variety of paintball games on our unique fields, such as capture the flag, seek and destroy, or the classic battle royale.

At PPK, we also have a few rules to help teach you how to play paintball for the first time:

  • The first rule about paintball is not to talk about paintball to have fun! We try to make paintball for juniors something to enjoy and have crafted our various fields and game modes to immerse the players into a world of imagination and excitement.
  • The second rule on how to play paintball for the first time is to use teamwork. Whether your kid is going to a birthday party or playing paintball games with friends on one of our weekend sessions, the day becomes more enjoyable if you communicate and work together with your team. Paintballing at PPK will help teach your kids about communication and comradery in an exhilarating setting.
  • The final rule is to make sure that each child adheres to the safety protocols outlined by our friendly staff prior to any session. Each briefing will also highlight the individual rules for each of our game zones too, where our marshals will be on standby to monitor the games. Safety is – and always will be – our primary concern.

If your young gunslinger is now ready, let’s break down some more details to guarantee a great day out paintballing.

What to bring with you?

As all the protective equipment will be supplied by us, it’s sensible if your kids wear comfortable clothing for the paintballing sessions as well as something that you won’t mind getting dirty. All our paintball games take place outside and there is the likelihood that your kids could get muddy!

Make sure that any additional clothing accessories, such as watches, glasses or earrings are either removed prior to paintballing or securely fastened.

If you book for one of our juniors’ paintball packages, your booking will run as a private group with one of our qualified marshals that are always on hand. From as little as £6.50 per person, you will receive 100 paintballs, all protective equipment and unlimited air refills throughout your session.

If you’re booking onto a full-day session, however, lunch is also provided as well as snacks and drinks being available all day at our basecamp.

Additional protective equipment and paintballs can be purchased to help enhance an exhilarating and exciting exercise-full day of paintballing action!

Paintball for kids

Paintballing is a fantastic activity and paintball for kids provides a number of benefits. All our paintball games at PPK are based outside, guaranteeing your kids plenty of fresh air outside in our secure woodland fields.

Paintballing for kids also provides a lot of exercise running around. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to develop teambuilding and communication skills as they work together to fight to victory.

At PPK, we also encourage kids to socialise in-between games and build friendships that will only make the day more enjoyable. Our various paintball games also provide the perfect opportunity to turn socialising into tactics discussion as your kids prepare to take on the next challenge.

At PPK, we offer several party paintballing packages to help create a special experience for a special occasion. For kids’ paintball, we offer a fantastic juniors birthday party session, suitable for those between 8-12 years with the chance to play on a few different game fields, designed for non-stop fun and exhilarating action. These can come with food too.

Book online today to secure your slot at the number one paintballing venue in the West Midlands!