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Family posing in paintball outfits

Top 5 Reasons to go Paintballing

Are you looking for fun outdoor activities to enjoy this summer? Paintballing could be the adventure that you have been searching for. Whether you are looking for activities to do on weekend with the family, adventures with friends or even team building days with your work colleagues. Paintball games will get your adrenaline pumping. Even…

kids enjoying paintball game

Reasons Why Paintball is the Best Outdoor Activity for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor activities for your kids to enjoy? What about paintball for kids? Paintballing is a great way for your kids to get rid of all that extra energy with fresh air, dirt, exercise and exhilarating action. This is why paintball games make the best day out for kids. Here…

A man With Paintball Gun Standing

How to Play Paintball for the First Time (Newbies Must Read)

Are you on a mission to play a paintball game for the first time and need some pointers on how to win the battle? Well listen up rookie, I am here to help. Whatever your reason for looking into paintball, whether it be a paintball birthday party, an office event, paintball for kids or even…