Kids celebrating victory of paintball game

Low impact paintball v regular paintball

The difference between the two is pretty basic and comes down to the equipment used. A low impact paintball is .50 calibre, compared to the traditional 0.68 found in regular paintball. Low impact paintball also has around a third of the impact energy of a standard paintball.

Low impact paintball is designed to hurt considerably less than regular paintball. In fact, with low impact paintball, players sometimes do not even notice they have been hit. For those who worry about the pain factor of paintball games, low impact gives you the perfect opportunity to forgo the pain and focus solely on strategy.


  • Smaller paintballs allow the use of lighter, more compact equipment. So, a lot less weight to carry with you
  • Low impact paintballs are better for the gun’s gas efficiency, meaning players spend more time playing and less time filling up gas tanks.
  • Smaller paintballs produce less paint, so the mess is kept to a minimum and the game is more environmentally friendly.
  • The reduced pain makes paintball for kids a lot less painful and more fun.

Paintball for kids

Kids can play regular paintball and a lot of paintball parks have ‘junior paintball’ options for young children to get into the game zones without the risk of older adults mowing them down. While low impact paintball has some benefits for younger audiences, who may not enjoy the parcel of fun and pain, regular paintball is just as suitable.

Of course, there is the pain element, but many players say that the pain is all part of the experience of paintball. After all, if you want to be fully immersed in the game you need to expect to be hit a few times, and if you want to get good, you’re going to have to learn to enjoy it. Low impact paintball is slightly harder to come by than regular paintball also, so getting used to being hit is pretty essential if you want to make it in the big tournaments.

Paintball for adults

If you’re older and don’t mind the after-battle welts and bruises, regular paintball is a great outlet for aggression, frustration and just generally working out and exercising your mind and body. You know you’re going to be leaving the field feeling tired, worn out, but mainly relieved.

Paintball is great fun if you want to grab a group of mates and get on the field for a laugh and a fun Saturday morning. Alternatively, its also a fantastic workout. Lugging around heavy equipment and markers, running, ducking and hiding are bound to take their toll on your metabolism. Regular visits to the paintball park can substitute for a gym membership.

Paintball games are great fun, but also hard graft too. If you’re serious about getting into it, expect a few bruises and bumps, a muscular low body and lots of new mates.