Low Impact Paintball Vs Regular Paintballing

Red team aim through the centre of a tyre.

At PPK, we believe in making paintballing accessible for everyone, which is why we offer a low impact alternative to our regular paintballing. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at what low impact paintballing is, whether or not it hurts and its features and benefits vs regular paintballing as well as who it’s best suited to.


Low impact paintballing is simply a tamer version of the regular game. It uses different guns which fire smaller, softer paintballs using less gas to propel them.

These specialised guns are also lighter and easier to handle.Regular paintballs have a calibre of .68, whereas low impact paintballs are .50 calibre and are considerably softer than regular balls.

The idea is to make everyone’s least favourite part of paintballing, getting shot, hurt less. As a result, low impact paintballing is ideal for people with a low pain threshold or for children. It’ll spare you from the stinging reminder that you need to take better cover next time or move faster, and save you from walking away with battle bruises.

A member of the red team ducks behind a tyre and stealthily takes aim.


As we mentioned, the whole point of low impact paintballing is to make it hurt less, so no, it won’t hurt for most people. Low impact paintballs are much lighter and carry less than half of the kinetic energy of regular alternatives, and, in fact, it’s common to not even notice you’ve been hit until one of our eagle-eyed marshals tells you.

That being said, everyone has a different pain threshold, so we don’t want to guarantee that it won’t hurt at all, but the chances are very low. Trust us, we wouldn’t recommend it for kids if we thought it would hurt!


 Low Impact Regular 
Pain Level Low to none Normal 
Calibre of ball  .50 .68 
Gas usage  Low Normal 
Recommended for?  Children and people with low pain thresholds Most adults 

Regular paintballing uses larger, more solid paintballs and more gas to propel them. Getting hit with a normal paintball will hurt a little and may cause bruising, but at the end of the day, you’re in control of how much you get hit. Strategic use of cover and intelligent teamwork will reduce your likelihood of leaving with bruises. 

Using less gas to fire each paintball also means that the low impact game will feature fewer interruptions for re-gassing.  We tend to recommend low impact paintballing primarily for children, but there’s no reason you can’t book it as an adult if the idea of getting hit is just a bit too much for you – we promise we won’t make fun, honest.  


We offer low impact paintball equipment as standard for players between the ages of eight and eleven, meaning whether you’re booking for a party or a school trip, everyone can have a safe, enjoyable day.

To book your junior paintballing experience, just use our easy booking form here. If you’d like to book our low impact paintballing equipment as an adult, just get in touch with our friendly team today who can discuss your preferences with you. You can reach them by calling 0800 043 3858 or by emailing bookings@paintballpark.co.uk.

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.