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Are you on a mission to play a paintball game for the first time and need some pointers on how to win the battle? Well listen up rookie, I am here to help.

Whatever your reason for looking into paintball, whether it be a paintball birthday party, an office event, paintball for kids or even just a good day out, paintball is an adrenaline rush like no other.

Take full advantage of all your senses. Use your eyes carefully, listen close and communicate with your team to take down the opposition and be the winner of the paintball game.

I am going to give you the survival guide you need to help get you through your mission with 4 paintball pointers which will ensure you are ready for war.

Now are you ready to take on the game soldier?

Well, let us get to it…

Follow These Steps:

Step one – How to play paintball

Step two – The rules of the game

Step three – Paintball tactics 

Step four – Attack!


How to play paintball for the first time

A team is playing paintball and learning how to play paintball for the first time

Its game time.

The objective of paintball is to fire paintballs at the opposition, hitting them without being hit yourself, and eliminating them from the game. The team that dominates wins.

Newbies are known to hide in fear, however, if you do choose to hide you won’t get to take in the full experience so drop any apprehension you have when you pick up your paintball gun and get involved, you got this.

In the game of paintball your senses are vital, look for your enemies and listen as they may try to sneak up on you and play smart. Go into the game ready to play but also have fun. The more confident you feel stepping onto the game zone, the better you will play paintball and the more likely you are to take home the win.

Before a game begins you will be given a safety briefing. From here our marshals will lead you to your game zone and explain what to expect and the rules of your game zone so listen up.

They are here to help and ensure your safety. Anything you are uncertain of; they will guide you in the right direction. Listen to their advice because they know what they are talking about.


Paintball game rules

Person is saying about Paintball rules


You are about to enter the game zone, so it is time to get that mask on and do not remove until you are safely back at basecamp, this rule is particularly important, safety first and let’s play fair don’t shoot your gun before the game has begun.

You will get the chance to walk on your field to establish the zones that you will be playing on as well as being given a game breakdown by your marshal as explained above. Each field has its own objective so make sure you listen to what is required for the game your about to play.

The marshals are here to help so if you have any questions ask away, they will guide you to victory.

Everyone who is taking part in the game will be made aware of the dead zone (also known as the staging area), this area is a paintball free zone and you must not shoot once in it. The dead zone is the area that players must head to when they have been hit and eliminated from the game.

When a player has been hit, they must place their gun up over their head or their hand on their head and walk towards the dead zone making the other players aware that they are out of the game and they can no longer shoot at you. If you think you have been hit but are not sure you can shout “PAINT CHECK”, this will alert the closest player or marshal to you to check you over. Until you have received the “all clear” you shouldn’t attempt to shoot anyone.

If you have been hit, you must exit the field, however, if not the player who did the paint check will shout “GAME ON”, “PLAY ON” or “ALL CLEAR” and you can resume play as before. If you have been hit rookie, then I am sorry, but it is game over and you must exit the field. If you come across a new player on your way to the dead zone, be sure to let them know you have been hit and are out of the game, so they do not shoot.


How to apply essential paintball tactics in your game

Team is making strategies in paintball game

Knowledge is key in the game of paintball. Each game zone is unique and different fields have different objectives so make sure you are aware of your mission so that you can take it on full force and conquer all, whether it is to capture the flags or total elimination of the opposing team. Knowing your objective can make or break your game.

Use your senses well, they will guide you to success. You might find some of your opposition try to play a sneaky paintball game and plan to go unseen to win by hiding behind barricades so use your eyes and ears in order to find them and take them out. You might be able to see them but might not be able to get the shot, this is where communication with your teammates is integral because they might not have spotted someone hiding. You telling them could mean the difference between your team winning and losing.

If you are playing paintball as part of a team then use your team wisely. Communicate with them and have each other’s backs, you are more likely to win the game if you work with each other rather than against each other.

The paintball attack

Group of adults playing paintball


Now you know the rules, you know how to prepare yourself with a game plan. Are you now ready to attack and win the game? You will not surrender with this guide; you will be fighting to the finish.


  • use those senses to your advantage.
  • communicate with your team.
  • know your objectives.
  • ask advice from the marshals if you are unsure of anything.
  • know the aim of the game.

The most important thing to remember is don’t hide in fear when a paintball is near and have a blast, once you get past that initial fear and get your head in the game you will enjoy all that paintball games have to offer. Have fun and build your team, be confident and take the other team down!

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