A Beginner’s Guide To Paintball

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The hen playing paintball on her hen do.

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to play exhilarating games of paintball at PPK, the best paintball park in the country! Many players will be familiar with the non-stop fun paintballing brings to the table, but many will also be first-timers and can find the build-up to the day intimidating. 

Well listen up rookie, PPK is here to give you all you need to know about playing paintball for the first time. It’s time to get your head in the game and prepare for battle! 

The Rules Of The Game 

Playing Safe 

Rule one soldier: Never take off your mask unless you are situated safely back at base camp. This may sound like an obvious rule, but we emphasise this rule as often as we can to all who participate at PPK. The last thing you want is to be blinded like PJ from Byker Grove and miss out on your Saturday night takeaway! 

Safety is essential when playing paintball, and it is important to remember to never shoot your gun before the game has begun. You will get the chance to walk on your field to establish the zones you will be playing on as well as being given a game breakdown by your marshal. Each of our game zones has its own objectives so make sure to listen to what is required for the game you’re about to play. Our marshals are always there to help if you have any questions – they will guide you to victory. 

Before a game begins you will be given a safety briefing. From here our marshals will lead you to your game zone and explain what to expect and the rules of the game mode. 

Your Objective 

The objective of paintball is to fire paintballs at the opposition, hitting them, without being shot yourself, and eliminating them from the game. The team that dominates wins. Being new to the game, you may want to hide as much as possible, but if you hide you won’t get to take in the full experience, so drop any apprehension you have when you pick up your paintball gun and get involved. You’ve got this! 

Top Tips For Paintball Newbies 

Now you know the rules, you need to know the top tips for playing paintball and prepare yourself with a game plan.  

Work As A Team 

Teamwork really does make the dream work. Sure, there are heroes of every battle that stand as legends, but without working with your unit, you’ll most likely end up covered in paint. As a rookie, you probably won’t be tempted to charge into the line of fire, so as your team advances to new positions, it’s a good idea to provide covering fire. You’ve also got to shout to communicate at times. Be loud and assertive when giving orders or planning your tactics. Communicate with them and have each other’s backs, you are more likely to win the game if you work with each other rather than against each other.  

Get To Know Your Surroundings 

Use your senses well, they will guide you to success. You might find some of your opposition trying to play a sneaky paintball game and plan to go unseen to win by hiding behind barricades, so use your eyes and ears to find them and take them out. Knowledge is key in the game of paintball. Unless a strategy calls for it, avoid rushing around the game zone otherwise you’ll end up getting sprayed and eliminated from the game.  

Get Your Head Down And Use Cover 

When moving between different points of cover, keep yourself low and your head down to reduce the chance of getting spotted and shot by the enemy players. There’s plenty of cover to get behind in our game zones, whether you’re holding off in the saloon in Wild West or seeking refuge by a crashed helicopter in Battlefield. 

Know And Play The Objective 

PPK offers a range of game modes and objectives when firing across our eight game zones. Our marshals will brief you before the start of every game on the objectives. It might be a team deathmatch, capture the flag or sabotage type objective, so focus on what the aim of the game is, rather than just trying to shoot as many enemy players as possible. 

It’s Okay To Get Hit 

We are 100% positive you will be hit by a paintball – make that lots of paintballs – unless you have the reflexes of a cat or are as fast as The Flash. Getting hit is perfectly normal and part of the paintball experience. We understand new players might be a little afraid and concerned with how much getting hit will hurt but have no fear. PPK will kit you out with ample protection from head to toe. We give you masks, gloves and overalls with options for upgraded gear. Plus, in recent years, paintballs have evolved to be less painful when they hit you and, once you get hit, you’ll realise it’s no more painful than getting flicked with an elastic band.  

Play Paintball The PPK Way 

Let’s go over how to play paintball for the first time the right way: 

  • Use those senses to your advantage. 
  • Communicate with your team. 
  • Know your objectives. 
  • Ask advice from the marshals if you are unsure of anything. 
  • Always keep your mask on! 

Come on down to PPK and play for the first time at the best paintballing park in the country. We will take care of all new recruits and ensure you have the most fun day, leaving you amping for more action. 

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