Paintball Fitness: How Playing Paintball Can Boost Your Physical Health 

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Players' Playground battle zone.

By its very nature, paintballing is an intensely physical game. The only way to get the better of your opposition and avoid being riddled with paint is to keep moving from cover to cover, all while laden with your gun, ammo and armour.

As a result, paintballing makes for a pretty good workout! It comes with a range of physical health benefits which we’ll run through in this blog, along with some training tips to improve your paintballing.


Paintballing has loads of health benefits, but we’ve boiled it down to our six main picks, just to give you an idea:

  • Cardiovascular health – If you want to avoid getting hit or stand a chance of winning, you’ll have to keep moving. This constant exertion will keep your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Strength – Before you head out onto the field, you’ll be geared up with protective armour, spare paintball rounds and your gun, all of which add weight. Carrying these extra kilos while manoeuvring around the battlefield will improve your strength as you go.  
  • Endurance – Paintball sessions last either a half or full day and are comprised of multiple rounds across different battlefields. To maintain a competitive edge, you’ll have to be able to keep your pace up across every round, which is great for building endurance.  
  • Agility – Fast moving objects are harder to hit, so be one. Being able to carry yourself quickly and change direction with ease is a major advantage on the field, and paintballing is ideal for developing this skill.
  • Fresh air – This one sounds a little obvious, but just being outside is good for you. The fresh air and sunlight exposure is good for your skin, your respiratory system and even your mental health.
  • Relieves stress – It’s easy to forget that stress has a physical effect on the body and can cause anything from digestive issues to skin problems. Playing paintball is a great form of focused exercise that can help to relieve stress – plus, letting off a few rounds in anger never hurt anyone … apart from the person they hit of course.

Health aside, there are plenty of other reasons to enjoy paintballing. Learn more in our blog post here.

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The best way to prepare for paintballing and give yourself an edge is by going out and playing paintball. However, we accept, sadly, you can’t be out on the field all the time. So, what can you do to get ahead of the competition in your upcoming game?

  • Maintain good cardio performance – Taking part in training that improves your cardio performance, such as running, cycling or swimming, will allow you to keep moving for longer and stay one step ahead.
  • Reactions and dexterity – Being able to physically adapt to changes in your environment is a major advantage, so practising your reaction speeds and dexterity will be worth your while. Oddly enough, video games are often a good way to practice these skills, although obviously they won’t be great for your overall fitness if you get a little too preoccupied.
  • Strategy and teamwork – You won’t last long on the paintball field without a good team behind you, so being able to work well with others to deploy effective strategies is crucial. You can work on this by playing other team sports such as football or rugby that also help improve your overall physical health.
  • Strength – In paintballing, you’ll often be required to exert yourself in repeated, intense and short bursts, as you move from cover to cover and advance on the enemy. Strength building exercises such as weightlifting and sprinting are great for this kind of performance boosting.
  • Squats – This one’s a little more specific, but for good reason. You’ll spend a lot of your day crouched behind cover, taking shots and waiting for your moment to move. Getting your legs ready for this kind of sustained usage can help keep you fresher for longer, and make sure your legs aren’t jelly when your time to move comes around.


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