Happy team of five paintball players outdoors

Paintball is an intense, action-packed game. Playing paintball is a fun interactive game to play with your friends and family. For many Corporate activities, paintballing is a great team-building exercise as playing with colleagues from work helps to boost morale and working relations.

Many people don’t realise but playing paintball has many health benefits and playing it as little as once or twice a month can help your health massively.

Full Body Workout

Playing paintball is a full-body workout and people don’t realise it until after. Paintball often can include sprinting, crawling, dodging, and shooting, all of these are full-body workouts and can benefit your health. With a full-body workout, you’re hitting all the major muscle groups and because you’re playing paintball, it is enjoyable and won’t feel like a generic workout.

Changes up Regular Workouts

For those who don’t go to the gym, paintball is a fun workout to play with your friends and family. This can also change up regular workout activities as you are having more fun and not realising you are working out. Paintball hits all the major muscles while playing like arms, core, legs, back and shoulders.

Playing Paintball Increases Strength

Paintball is a physical sport, such as football etc. Moving around is the key to winning. Wearing the overalls along with the gun, helmet and ammunition can be heavy, but because you’re moving around and carrying the equipment your legs will become strengthened due to the excess moving around. Also shooting the gun can build arm muscle.

Paintball increases Endurances

Paintball helps to boost endurance levels because of the time spent on the field. Moving around constantly and trying to beat the opposing team is the perfect motivation to build endurance. This can also improve stamina.

Playing Paintball burns Calories

Because paintballing is so fast-paced and action-packed, you can burn up to seven calories a minute or 420 calories an hour. Studies show that playing outdoors can also help your health massively.

Being outside improves Health

Spending time outside improves your health and wellbeing. Being outside boosts morale and enhances mental health. Taking part in physical activities will release endorphins and provide you with extra energy. Regular outdoor activities can relieve stress, help memory and sleep better. Being outdoors helps and improves your Vitamin D. Playing paintball outdoor will relive any stress and you’ll be having a good time whilst doing so.

Relives Stress

Playing a good game of paintball is the best way to relieve stress without hurting others. Venting your anger or stress in your life is the perfect way to improve your skills. With paintball games being intense this can remove any mental stress and once finished, provide a sense of calmness.

Increases Skills and Self Confidence

Paintball is a team-based game but playing in a tense situation can increase players’ self-confidence from their leadership skills and when learning newer skills, asking teammates for help.

Promotes Working Together

Additionally, working in a team can benefit players massively. Many companies will use paintballing as a teambuilding exercise and work together on strategies and think of a plan that can help in the workplace.

Have Fun

Lastly, as well as all the health benefits paintball has, having fun is the key to all of it. Playing with friends and family can build better relations. Paintball can help you develop new skills that you can use in everyday life from self-confidence to leadership skills, most importantly, Paintball teaches you teamwork and respect. From watching each other’s back to problem-solving skills, being more productive and boosting morale.