Does Paintball Hurt?

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Paintball player shoots through red smoke.

Before playing paintball, everybody worries that it will hurt. After all, you are being shot at with paint pellets. But with modern lightweight paintballs and the top-quality body armour we provide, it feels no more than being flicked by a rubber band… if that. Of course, the sensation will vary depending on the speed of the ball, the distance it travels and where it hits you, but even from the closest permitted proximity, in the most sensitive of areas, it will still be no more than the rubber band, and the sensation will subside very quickly.

Think of it this way, they wouldn’t allow paintball for kids if it hurt too much.

Paintball is a great game for everyone. It combines tactics, exercise, teamwork and the opportunity to shoot your friends and become victorious. Paintball is a great weekend activity that combines fun, socialising and exercising. At PPK we bring paintball to the masses: kids’ parties, stag and hen dos, corporate events, family fun and competitive sport for the pros, and our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions.


Paintball is not a movie. For every film you have seen where someone has been shot at close range, this doesn’t happen in paintball as there are strict rules in place prohibiting shooting a player closer than 20ft (6 metres). Our fully trained game marshals are on hand to ensure these are strictly followed.


So, this is a bit of a ‘catch twenty-two’ situation. If you get shot anywhere on your body and the paintball bursts, you’re out of that game or temporarily sidelined, but physically it hurts less. If it bounces off you without splattering then the good news is, you get to fight another day, but it will hurt slightly more. However, caught amid a battle, you will barely notice either way as your body pumps with adrenaline and you lay chase to administer your vengeance on the perp. That said, the sensation shouldn’t be unbearable, and the health benefits of paintball far outweigh any short-term discomfort anyway.

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‘Say hello to my little friend.’ On a typical paintball battle zone, players will all have similar weapons, so you won’t find any budding Tony Montanas bringing their own super machine guns from home and even those who choose to upgrade their weapons at the onsite shop won’t be firing a gun that fires paintballs harder, just quicker and more accurately, why not get ahead of the game yourself with a very reasonably-priced upgrade to protect yourself with? However, if you take 10 consecutive shots to the same spot, then it may sting a little, but it is highly unlikely to happen unless you are playing against military trained sharpshooters. More than likely, if these highly skilled operatives are on the battlefield, then you are likely cut from the same cloth and will have no problems. However, as a rule of paintball, if the same person is consecutively shooting you, you can raise your hand to surrender, and the marshals will ensure your opponent ceases fire immediately.


It is, of course, no surprise certain parts of the body hurt more than others when you get shot and it’s probably not the ones you think. Generally speaking, any part of the body with a bit of meat on it will absorb the shot more and hurt less. However, at PPK Paintball Park we provide all our players with full overalls, body armour, masks and equipment to leave as little exposed skin as possible. We always recommend players dress in thick clothing to add even more protection.

If you get shot on the hand, or the back of the head where the mask doesn’t quite stretch to, then this is likely to hurt a little, so we also advise all players to wear hats and gloves.


At PPK, we provide all the required equipment and protective clothing to minimise the chance of receiving any hits that may result in bruising, including body armour, overalls and masks, with gloves and other equipment available in our on-site shop. In the unlikely event of a bruise occurring, simply display your battle scar proudly, as it will soon die down, but your heroism will live forever.


Ultimately, you do need to avoid getting hit to completely remove the risk of bruising. This means you need to employ tactics, cunning, teamwork, speed and agility to come out on top. Utilising communication with your team and taking advantage of the terrain are great ways to avoid picking up any paintball bruises. Read our blog on what to wear for paintball safety clothing tips for more info.

If you do find yourself to be public enemy #1 while out on the field, you will be thankful you are wearing all the protective gear and suitable clothing advised.

So, if you’re ready to give up Fortnite or Call of Duty and want to try your hand at something more exciting, put your war paint on, come to PPK Paintball Park and get on the frontline. If you have any questions or want further information, our expert generals are on hand to discuss tactics and strategies with you.

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