Team of 3 people playing paintball

Before actually playing paintball, it's natural to wonder about the pain scale. After all, you are being shot at with paint pellets. It’s very common that players feel a slight sting when being shot at. A lot of people say that it feels like a firm flick on the arm. The severity of the pain depends on the speed of the ball, the distance the ball travels and where it hits on your body. The pain is usually very mild and goes away quickly.

Think of it this way, they wouldn’t allow paintball for kids if it hurt too much.

Paintball is a great game for just about everyone. It combines tactics, exercise, teamwork, and blind rage when trying to shoot your friends and become victorious. Paintball is a great weekend activity (if you can look past the minor injuries) that combines fun, socialising and exercising. At PPK we offer paintball to the masses: kids’ parties, hen parties, corporate events, family fun and friendly fun for the pros.

How much does paintball hurt?

Everyone has their own pain threshold and so there’s no certain answer. Most people state that paintball doesn’t hurt too much; it usually feels like a firm flick. But this will depend on how fast the ball is going, the distance it travels and where on the body it hits you.

Paintball injuries won’t be too extensive, but you should expect a few minor bruises and bumps after paintballing.

Everyone has their own pain threshold, so there’s no certain answer. Most people state that paintball doesn’t hurt too much; it usually feels like a firm flick. But this will depend on a number of factors…

How far away you’re shot from

If one of your “friends” is kind enough to shoot you from point-blank range, then that’s going to hurt a lot more than being shot from across the game zone. Tell your friend “thanks very much” and then see how they like it in the next round. If you’re looking for tips to up your paintball game, we’ve got you covered.

Bouncer vs. Burster

So, this is a bit of a catch twenty-two situation. If you get shot anywhere on your body and the paintball bursts, you’re out of that game but physically it hurts less (we can’t speak as to whether or not your pride will be wounded or not). If it bounces off you without splattering then the good news is, you won’t be out, however, it will hurt slightly more. That said, the pain shouldn’t be unbearable and the health benefits of paintball far outweigh any short-term pain anyway.

How many consecutive shots you take

If you take 10 consecutive shots, that’s obviously going to sting. Your enemy obviously wants you out of the game though and it’s very rare that they’d be able to get this many shots on you before you put your hand up to say you’re out, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this. If your opponent has managed to achieve this then they may be a bit trigger-happy with their first paintball gun. Don’t worry, the marshals will talk to them about this.

Where on the body you get shot

Certain parts of the body hurt more than others when you get shot and it’s probably not the ones you think. Generally speaking, any part of the body that has a bit of “meat” to absorb the shot won’t hurt as much, however, these will come out in bruises more often. Don’t worry, as these will soon fade and in the meantime, you can wear them like a badge of honour. There are some tactics you can use to avoid getting bruises when playing paintball that we’ve outlined in a helpful blog. But if you get shot on the hand or the back of the head where the mask doesn’t quite stretch to, then these are likely to hurt a bit more. Among other things, we recommend hats and gloves.

Paintball injuries won’t be too extensive, but you should expect a few minor bruises and bumps after playing paintball. But if you’re having fun and running around trying to win, then you won’t even notice the pain! So grab a gun and get out on our eight amazing game zones today!


Does low-impact paintball hurt?

Similar to above, everyone pain scale is different and therefore it can’t really be specified how much it will hurt. It will hurt at least a very little bit but is considered part of the fun.

How to play paintball for the first time

For those who haven’t played paintball before and are concerned about how to actually start the hobby regularly or just on occasion, read below.

Before you begin, you’re going to need a paintball gun and some protective equipment. If you’re not looking to regularly get into it there’s no need to buy the equipment, your paintball venue will have all the relevant equipment and it will be given to you included in your paintball prices. This usually includes the gun, protective equipment, and paintballs. Your venue won’t have clothes for you though so make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty/marked.

When playing paintball, the object of the game is to take out as many of the opposing team as possible. The winner is the team that dominates. It isn’t just a case of attacking and shooting at an enemy. Paintball venues will have different obstacles and terrains designed for you to use team and strategy skills to hide from the opposing team and take them out without being eliminated yourself.

If you have been shot, you must identify yourself as out and leave the field so not to interfere with the remaining team members. Some other rules to follow are always wearing your mark, not shooting in inappropriate places such as the face, and respecting the other team’s players.

Tips to win

  • Utilise stealth

  • Be quiet

  • Communicate well within your team

  • Respect the other players

  • Move, always

  • Don’t stay still for too long

Bruises from Paintball?

Bruises from paintball pellets are not uncommon. In fact, they’re a badge of honour among paintball enthusiasts! While getting a bit stung and bruised is all part of the fun, if you do want to avoid some battle injuries, the best way to avoid getting bruised during a game is to wear protective gear, like a paintball vest.

But if you're not keen on buying a vest, the pain from a paintball hit can also be lessened by wearing loose-fitting clothing. Affordable paintball clothing can be baggy jeans, long-sleeved jumpers, t-shirts, jackets, or even hoodies. It’s also important to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting ruined, as paintball stains are notoriously difficult to remove!

If this still seems a bit too risky for you, low-impact paintball might be a better fit, as the paintball guns are less powerful and therefore less painful.

When it comes to footwear, trainers or running shoes are best, as they will protect your feet and ankles from wayward paintballs, and give you good grip and traction when in pursuit of the enemy.

How to Treat Paintball Bruises:

  • Wash the affected area with water to prevent the skin infection

  • Use an over-the-counter pain reliever.

  • Bathe in Epsom salts.

  • Use a hot or cold compress.

  • Elevate the area that is impacted.