corporate team at paintball park

Even before COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns, finding the perfect team building event for any team was always difficult. Now, it is even harder given the overall underlying trepidation to gather in groups with unknown people in strange places makes getting together for a team building exercise inside both daunting and off putting.

If you have returned to the workplace then you probably feel safe amongst colleagues, if you have not returned to the office yet then you are probably fairly eager to see your workmates in person and not just on a screen with video and/ or sound that keeps cutting out.

Yet, many companies are feeling an increasing disconnect and many are left scratching their heads as to how to safely and practically organise a team building event that might fix this while remaining compliant with current COVID legislation.

Finding the right team building event for your business can be tricky but here at PPK we can make it incredibly easy for you. The answer is simple, come Paintballing. Now, you might think that we are biased, and maybe we are, but there is actually a lot of logic in this.

Paintball is great for developing numerous transferable skills that are crucial for almost every workplace. It improves relationships between within your workforce and helps to maintain and boost both morale and productivity.

Here are just a few of the best reasons why paintball really is so fantastic for corporate days out and how they can help to create some unstoppable teams within the workplace.


Paintball is great for developing, demonstrating and spotting strong leadership skills.

There will be those that lead their team (hopefully to victory), and those that follow. Strong leadership comes from listening to team mates as well as ensuring that they are, also, listened to, they motivate and inspire the rest of their team. They, also, understand their team mate’s strengths and weaknesses; where they can be best utilised and be hands-on to find the greatest path for the team to reach the field objective.

These skills are all transferable and you will see leaders made, before your eyes, on the paintball field, this skill will be transferable to the office.

Relieving Stress

Stress can be an incredibly negative and destructive force within the work space. Everyone experiences stress at some point, some lash out at others and others introvert that stress which can easily misconstrued as being moody or quiet. It can be a result of external issues like problems at home or in one’s social life or as a result of pressure or change within the workplace. Whatever the root cause, paintball is guaranteed to blow that stress away.

Paintball is such a great stress reliever because it is both fun and it is a physical activity, so when you play paintball you are producing endorphins (great for stress relief)  which are released into your body while you are having a good time and forgetting about what was stressing you out in the first place. This brings a literal meaning to the term “Happy days!”

Teambuilding by playing paintball is, also, a great excuse to get out of the office and have fun. You can forget about that seemingly never ending to do list. You will find that when you do make it back to the office that your decreased stress levels will lead to increased productivity. Everyone will be more motivated at work.

Problem Solving

Paintball is a strategic and tactical game. You should have a well laid out strategy and always be prepared to think two steps ahead of your opponents to establish the best course of action for you and your team to win. This, again, is a completely transferable skill.

This will improve problem solving skills within the workplace as you constantly have to resolve issues and problems as they arise. You will be required to think outside the box to overcome obstacles and determine the very best way to reach your objective using an undefeatable strategy.


Communication is one of the basic core skills required within the workplace and yet it is often overlooked.

To succeed on the paintball field, you must be able to communicate with the rest of your team and for them to communicate with you. Paintball is really great for encouraging communication between teammates in order to dominate the game. Clear communication is key so listen closely to your teammates if they are starting to strategise and plan.

While the game is going on, share your ideas by communicating to teammates the next move you plan to make, asking them for cover if you need it, telling them who you have hit etc.

Paintball is particularly great for communication because it encourages players to actively partake in this in order to achieve their goals. It quickly becomes clear that without clear and consistent communication a team cannot win, and individuals will fail in their objectives, so it benefits everyone to communicate.


Teamwork is integral in any paintball game and, also, key to thriving in business. Paintball encourages allies to work together to achieve the field objective. The team who claims victory is the team that is able to best use their teamwork abilities to achieve their goals.

As with in the workplace, everyone is required to work as part of a team and team members soon learn that they work better as a whole team rather than on their own.

Improving Relationships

So, this might sound a bit backwards seeing as you may well be shooting at some of your workmates, but paintball will aid in building improved relationships and boosting team spirit. At the end of the day, it is all about having fun. You do not hold grudges over who shot who because it is a game and there will be more. You get to know each other better and improve relationships which, in turn, leads to better morale, improved company culture all of which leads to increased staff retention. Who would have thought you would get all of that from a day of paintballing?

COVID-19 Compliant

Of course, we would not be telling you how great paintballing is for teambuilding and corporate or staff days out if this was not something we could offer safely. At PPK we have plenty of space, it is all outside and we have sanitising stations, along with everything, of course, being cleaned down between guests.

There are numerous reasons as to why paintball is great for team building. We have touched on just a few of them but there are so many transferrable skills from the paintball field to the workplace. For your next corporate day out or team building exercise get in touch because along with all the above, PPK will make sure that you have a blast.