9 Benefits of Team Bonding From Paintball

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Red and blue team walk towards the battle zone.

Paintball team bonding days develop skills that transfer to everyday life. Whether you run a small firm of accountants, teach an education course or manage a football team, bringing all members of the team together, and focused on a unified goal, can help bring greater success to the individuals and more importantly the group as a whole. This is the reason many people swear by team building activities, or away days as they’re also known, as they encourage various skills to come to the forefront, whether they are newly discovered skills or the imparting of knowledge, resulting in multiple benefits to your team.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the nine main benefits of team-building activities and how they can all be achieved through a day of fun at PPK Paintball Park.


The skill of communication is one of the most valuable tools to any team and people in their everyday lives as it conveys confidence, compassion and understanding, whilst also providing more withdrawn people with much-needed validation. Paintball is all about communication. It is typically a team game, which involves people creating a strategy together to achieve a common goal.

Active communication is paramount throughout the game to help the team progress, which results in a group with better cooperation and understanding of each other. If your teammate has your back in battle, they have your back anywhere.


A famous fictional cigar-smoking colonel often remarked how he loved it when a plan came together, and a victorious paintball team never looks sad. Once a good strategy has been devised, it is important for all team members to understand their role in implementing the attack or defence and to feel valued within the team.

Having everyone understand their role will result in a greater chance of success on the paintball field and in your team’s regular endeavours.


One of the greatest benefits of an away day for any team is the break from routine and the enjoyment found in teammates playing together. Whether your team are currently struggling in their daily endeavours or have been fully immersed in their targets for a considerable amount of time, a paintball away day allows them to let off steam and laugh together.

It is also a great opportunity for teammates to get to know each other better on a more personal level, and maybe more importantly get to know their managers on a more level playing field.


What better way could there possibly be to put an end to ongoing issues between teammates than letting them shoot each other… over and over again? Well maybe we are making light of conflict resolution but there is a lot of truth and irony in a paintball battle being a great peacemaker. Like many away days, when warring teammates are placed in a situation that demands communication and cooperation, many learn more about their adversary and, through their joint success, gain profound respect for each other.

If you have two teammates reluctant to embrace the challenge together, paintball is ideal as once their opponents are bombarding them with projectiles, they will find a new desire to work together.


A day of paintballing is a superb opportunity to build trust throughout your team. A great idea that many managers implement is allowing members of their team to take turns leading whilst they follow their team members’ instructions. This demonstrates to the team that the manager believes in their abilities and is willing to give opportunities for team members to develop and learn new skills.

Setting team members individual targets throughout the day can also allow them to demonstrate to their teammates they are someone who can be trusted, when working alone, to get things done.


Happy employees hang around. This sounds like such a simple notion for managers to follow and yet so many fall short of delivering. Sometimes we all get too wrapped up in our own lives and our own goals and forget to look in on others and consider how they are feeling or what is going on with them.

A paintballing team bonding day is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with all members of your team and demonstrates you value their well-being as much as their working contributions. It will also refresh them, and this positive attitude will carry over into their everyday work.


Paintball team-building games often involve creative thinking, problem-solving and leadership, which allows team members to demonstrate their skills and develop new ones. Many team members will surprise and delight by rising to the task in front of the team and conveying talents that can be implemented back in the workplace, class dynamic or field of play.

It is also a good opportunity to discover who amongst your team are great teachers and have the temperament to play a more senior role within your organisation.


In a theatre of war, the success of its army depends largely on the skill of its general, and a general can come from anywhere in the ranks. In the many varied games, you play on a paintball team bonding day, there will be ample opportunity for different people to show their leadership abilities within many different objectives.

Perhaps one team member is great at encouraging others, a second is a top-notch strategist, and another is more than willing to put his body on the line for the greater cause. Allowing different team members to lead your group in a team bonding paintball day gives a wonderful opportunity to share different leadership methods and styles with the team.


Above all a team bonding day should be fun and bring the team together. What makes paintball an ideal choice is it typically involves getting people to work together, develop skills, show personality and build relationships. At PPK Paintball Park in Kidderminster, we offer 8 unique zones, all with different objectives and themes, ideal to test your team and provide the opportunity to lead, follow, grow and have a bloody good laugh.  


There are a few concerns new players have before playing paintball, that they really shouldn’t. People naturally presume that getting hit with a fast-paced projectile is going to hurt but thanks to your clothing, the all-over armour provided and modern lightweight paintballs, at most it feels like getting flicked with a rubber band – and you don’t get shot at close range due to the strict rules enforced by the game marshals.

Every game has a mix of players with different levels of physical fitness, pace and mobility but this does not affect your game. Paintball is about strategy and often slow, calculated advances are the best way forward. If you have any other concerns, then have a chat with our team who can go through the details and explain why paintball is super safe and super fun.’

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