5 Unique Christmas Party Ideas

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Blue paintball team attack.

It’s nearly that time of year again, when sounds of Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, and Nat King Cole begin to blast out of your car stereos, the smell of cinnamon and pine-scented candles begins to flood the streets, and snaffling gingerbread biscuits becomes a daily occurrence. That’s right – it’s nearly Christmas!

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same winter excitement as you may imagine, especially in the workplace. Nearly 54% of employees last year reported that they did not look forward to Christmas celebrations. Is this because they relate to the Christmas grinch? Or does the problem lie deeper within management? Over 28% of employees thought that their employer could do more for the company at Christmas, with nearly 32% of employees not having an office Christmas party.

In this blog, we outline 5 unique work Christmas party ideas for your corporation, so that you have an abundance of ideas to share with your employer and bolster your team’s Christmas spirit!


5 Unique Christmas Party Ideas:



1.      Christmas Paintballing


Picture running through frosted-tipped fir trees, the sound of crunchy leaves cracking underfoot, inhaling ice-cold adrenaline into your veins as you and your team weave and dodge the whizzing paintball bullets overhead. Paint the sky blue in one of our eight amazing game zones this winter, each with different game modes to encourage your workforce to communicate and collaborate together as if their lives depended on it. Not only is it good exercise, but it’s super fun and works as an incredible stress reliever, too. How often do you get the chance to shoot your boss, after all?


2.      Escape Rooms


Imagine getting transported back in time to the 1940s. You’re in the middle of an underground dusty bomb shelter and have to race against the clock in small teams to overcome mental challenges and unlock the next stages of your mission, with the rusty keys you find along the way. Do you have what it takes to deactivate the imminent nuclear threat? Whether you do or not, it is indisputable that escape rooms are incredible fun and give your workforce heaps to talk about whilst you’re all having drinks in the bar afterwards, or for the many months to come.


3.      Cocktail Making Masterclass


Treat your force to something unorthodox this Christmas, which beautifully blends social drinking with learning new a new skill. Long gone will be the days of having boring lager and bland gin and tonics over your Christmas holiday, as you learn to make Christmas-themed cocktails! Guests are often party to a welcome glass of bubbly and a shot to get you warmed up, as you enjoy a variety of games, demonstrations, and drinks tasting all night long. Why not enjoy a few beverages in the bar afterwards, which you already know taste out of this world!


4.      A Day at the Races


The vibration of many hooves and bouncing jockeys closely matches your own pounding heartbeat as you closely monitor the lighting fast horses racing around the track. Take the opportunity to win big this Christmas and let loose with your colleagues as you do. A day at the races is a thrilling experience for your workforce and gives them the chance to get dolled up as they let their hair down.


5.      Christmas Karaoke Night


You can’t beat a good singalong to finish off the year. No matter whether you sound like Whitney Houston, or a cat being strangled, karaoke night is one of the only chances you have to get away with it, allowing you to strut your out-of-tune stuff with complete pride. All you need for a karaoke night is a machine, which you can either enjoy at home, or at a dedicated bar – nowadays you may not even need that much and can simply type in the instrumental on YouTube. The best part about karaoke night, is that everyone puts their pride aside, and starts to sound incredible as people get increasingly more drunk.


Christmas Celebrations with PPK 

Boring Christmas party celebrations are a thing of the past. Give your team something to celebrate and talk about for months on end with us at PPK. If you’d like to know more about what we’re about and have on offer this winter, then why not read our blog, ‘’Paintball: The Ultimate Christmas Party’’.

If you have any further questions about what we provide, or the content mentioned in this blog, then please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our team would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to help out.




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