Family posing in paintball outfits

Are you looking for fun outdoor activities to enjoy this summer? Paintballing could be the adventure that you have been searching for.

Whether you are looking for activities to do on weekend with the family, adventures with friends or even team building days with your work colleagues. Paintball games will get your adrenaline pumping.

Even if you are wondering how to play paintball for the first time? You are in good hands as our marshals are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

If you still need convincing, then keep on reading…

Here are 5 reasons to go for paintball:

  1. Paintball events make the best days out.

  2. Paint balling is perfect for bonding.

  3. Paintball can be for the family.

  4. Paintball is a great way to stay active.

Bond over paintballing with a classic shoot out.



Image of paintballing players shooting each others

Paintballing is a great way to build your team and corporate paintball can make team building days so much more fun.

With many different game zones, different types of teamwork will be required, so working together is essential if you want to win the battle.

Whether the objective is to capture the flag, or it is an elimination-style game, use your team members to your advantage and become champions above the rest.

Gather your team and play against your colleagues and friends for a chance to get some payback before heading back to the office on a Monday morning.

Paintball family days out.

With so many paintball games to choose from, It can be enjoyed at all ages, making it the most exciting day out for the family and you can make a day out of the paintball experience as food and drinks are also available in the basecamp area.

You need not fear sending your little one to battle as there is also a junior paintball option which is the perfect day out if you are looking for paintball for kids, exercise, and exhilarating action.

Parents and older siblings are welcome to join in on the madness as well. Who will win the paintball games you or your kids?

Paintball for kids will get both you and the little ones out the house and into the fresh air.

Paintball games can make the most memorable events.

Paintball venues have plenty of options for your paintball experience, from:

There are so many options.

Paintball days out are a popular choice for stag and hen parties.

There are plenty of embarrassing outfits for the stag/hen to wear from cow onesies to pink tutus.

Those photos will be priceless to share on the wedding day!

We also offer various gauntlets for the hen/stag to run while being splattered by everyone, different levels of intensity gauntlets depending how brave they are feeling.

Great fun to de-stress before the big day.

Paintballing can help improve your fitness level.

Image of fitness quote


It has been hard to keep motivated and healthy during lockdown, as many of us know.

So, as we head out of the pandemic and back to reality how about adding a little fun to your fitness routine to keep your motivation levels up?

Paintballing will give you that buzz you need to get your fitness back on track while having a blast at the same time.

The objective of paintball is to fire paintballs at the opposition eliminating them from the game, the team that dominates wins. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? And if you are going to fire a paintball, what do you expect them to do...?

They are going to automatically run as a natural reaction boosting their heart rate and yours as you chase to eliminate and win, win, win.

Paintball can make the daunting idea of fitness become more of a fun activity and something you want to take part in. Staying healthy while having an epic adventure, now that’s a fitness idea I would be happy to take part in.

Are you ready for the paintball game to begin?

Now that you know 5 reasons as to why paintball is a great choice when looking for outdoor activities to do this summer it is time to bite the bullet and get involved.

Challenge your friends, family or even work colleagues this summer to a day of paintball games and settle the debate of who is the ultimate champion and who gets supreme bragging rights.

Try something new and exciting, try paintballing.