12 Best Things To Do In Kidderminster

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Things to do in Kidderminster

Kidderminster is a large market town in Worcestershire, England. It’s 17 miles from Birmingham, not far from the heart of the Midlands, with a wealth of activities and fun things to do for all ages. Due to its prime location, Kidderminster has a huge variety of indoor and outdoor attractions. Whether you’re looking to have a leisurely afternoon with friends, take small children out for the day, or entertain the ‘biggens’, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, no matter the weather.

1. The Paintball Park

Now, we probably are biased, but we think that a few rounds of paintball are the best way to spend a morning, afternoon, or whole day. Paintball at PPK is one of the best things to do in Kidderminster, we’ve got eight brilliant game zones to test out your skills and destroy the enemy team.

Paintball is for the whole family, whether you’re dropping the kids off for junior paintball and having a coffee in our waiting area. Or maybe you’re joining in the fun and getting suited and booted. No matter what, whether you want to go Balls to the Wall, entertain in the Players Playground, or go full cowboy gunslinger in the Wild West zone, we’ve got you covered, armour, guns, and all.

We’ve got paintball prices starting at £7, with loads of offers to upgrade your equipment, balls, and plenty more. Not to mention occasion bookings for your hen/stag do or birthday party. No matter the day, you’re going to have a brilliant day out in Kidderminster at PPK. Find out more or book your next day out today.

2. West Midland Safari Park

West Midlands Safari Park

One of the best things to do in Kidderminster, and a favourite for every member of the family, is the West Midland Safari Park. The safari park opened in 1973 and has since become the home for a huge variety of animals and a site for excitement, knowledge, and conservation.

They have many species of animals that call the park their homes, such as white lions, rhinos, African elephants, meerkats, exotic birds, red pandas, and plenty more. As well as lots of opportunities to observe, get close, and connect with the animals. There are daily animal feeding opportunities, and indoor observatories to get close and feed lemurs and lorikeets.

Aside from lots of cute and interesting animals, the safari park also offers a safari experience. Just be careful of your car’s mirrors, the monkeys have sticky fingers. As well as an adventure theme park, it comes complete with some stomach-dropping rollercoasters, and a huge dinosaur attraction!
West Midland Safari Park is only a 10-minute drive from Kidderminster centre and truly offers something for every member of the family to enjoy.

For £15 for an adult ticket, you really can’t complain. You’re getting a full day out, with lots to do, see, and explore. No matter who you take, they’re going to be sleeping in the car on the drive home. The West Midland Safari Park is truly one of the best family days out in Worcestershire.

3. Pioneer Centre

Kidderminster Pioneer Centre

If you’re looking for an adventurous day out, filled with outdoor activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, raft building, cavern exploring, and a load more, you won’t be disappointed with the Pioneer Centre. This unique attraction offers young people, schools, and families the rare opportunity to immerse into outdoor living and take part in some truly exciting activities.

The centre began in 1963 and has since become an association of leaders in outdoor learning. The centre is situated in the beautiful countryside, on the edge of the Wyre Forest, around 13 miles from Kidderminster centre.

Each year the site welcomes around 20,000 guests, making it one of the most adventurous days out in Worcestershire, and one of the most unique things to do in Kidderminster.

4. Wyre Forest Nature Reserve

Wyre Forest Nature Reserve

It’s no secret that the UK is home to some breathtaking sights, and the Wyre Forest is no exception. The Wyre Forest occupies over 6,500 acres of land, while 1,350 acres are separated as a National Nature Reserve. The Reserve is home to over 1,000 varieties of moths and around 33 different species of butterflies.

Taking a hike, jog, dog walk, or just a leisurely stroll through the forest is sure to show you the beauties of the English forests. Get lost amongst the trees, try to discover one of the many moth species, or even take a picnic and have a day in the fresh air.

Everyone can enjoy a day out in the outdoors. Pop on your wellies and make sure the kids have theirs and trudge through the forest as a family. Or perhaps you’ve got older kids who can handle a long bike ride? The Wyre Forest is a perfect family day out in Worcestershire for next to nothing.

The park doesn’t require an entry fee, but they do charge for parking, starting at £4 for 2 hours during peak times.

5. The Falconry Centre

The Falconry Center

The Falconry Centre is an animal attraction centre that houses over 80 birds of prey across 30 species. The centre has lots of exotic and rare species, including some native species. The centre has lots of aviaries for the public to come and visit, offering private bird handling experiences, flight displays, and some rescued and rehabilitated birds to view and learn more about. The centre is a fantastic day out in Kidderminster for practically anyone. There is plenty to see and plenty to learn about these gorgeous birds, including owls, bald eagles, American kestrels, kites, buzzards, falcons, and loads more. The centre is located in DY9 0JB, a short 12-minute drive from the centre of Kidderminster. Additionally, the ticket prices are very reasonable, making it not only a brilliant and interesting day out in Kidderminster, but also a fantastic budget day out too!

6. Stonehouse Cottage Garden

Stonehouse Cottage Garden

Stonehouse Cottage Garden is two miles out of Kidderminster and situated in a lovely outdoor setting. The cottage and its gardens are considered to be a gorgeous romantic spot, as well as a lovely afternoon activity. The gardens only occupy one acre of land, but due to the design of the garden and its respective ‘rooms’, divided by hedges, it gives a much more spacious feel. The garden has lots of variety of trees, plants, bushes, and shrubbery, and there is also an attached nursery that sells climbing plants, wall shrubs, and lesser-grown herbaceous plants. The best time to visit the cottage is between Thursday – Saturday, April – August between 10 am and 5 pm. If you’re looking for a romantic or relaxed day out in Kidderminster, the gardens are a wonderful suggestion.

7. Hartlebury Castle

Hartlebury Castle

Hartlebury Castle is in the south of Kidderminster and has been the base for Bishops of Worcester since the 13th Century. After 2007, once the final Bishop had moved out, sections of the building that had previously been restricted were opened to the public. The décor of the castle includes Gothic and Baroque features that can be traced back to the 17th and 18th centuries. As well as an interesting gallery that features funny and unique portraits. Additionally, the Castle is home to the Hurd Library which features works from the poet, Alexander Pope, and writer, William Warburton. As well as this, there is even the Worcestershire County Museum located in the castle’s servant’s quarters.

The grounds are open to the public without the need for a booking. Tickets start at £7 for children 5-16, and adult tickets are £11.50 for whole site admission and just £5 for grounds and gardens admission. Further ticket prices can be found here. A visit to Hartlebury Castle is equal parts interesting, fascinating, and enjoyable. You’re sure to learn something about the history of the castle, and the history of Kidderminster while visiting the grounds, and with lots of activities for children, and plenty of information to soak up for the older guests, it’s one of the most interesting and historical things to do in Kidderminster.

8. Bewdley Museum

Bewdley Museum

Keeping with the historical theme, another great thing to do in Worcestershire is to visit the Bewdley Museum. The museum contains tonnes of information regarding the history of the Severn Valley town of Bewdley and highlights some of the rich histories of Kidderminster and its people. You can learn all about the traditional crafts of Bewdley, such as pottery and pewter making, as well as visit an old rope-making factory, which was set up around 250 years ago. The Museum offers a wealth of knowledge and experiences and is full of exhibitions from the past, such as town jails, an air-raid shelter, a walled garden, and an old slaughterhouse. The museum is truly one of the most historically interesting things to do in Worcestershire and admission is free! They’re open daily from 10 am-4:30 pm and can be accessed from Load Street.

9. Severn Valley Railway

Severn Valley Railway

Take a walk through the past and visit the gorgeous Severn Valley Railway station. The Kidderminster Town Station is still up and running today. The track runs for about 16 miles through the scenic Severn Valley, starting from Bridgnorth and terminating at Shropshire. The late-Victorian style station was actually built in 1984 and is now home to steam locomotive journeys. Visiting the station truly sends you back in time and is unique, quirky, and beautiful all rolled into one.

The steam journey is like no other. The carriages are dated in the best kind of way and show the charm of heritage transport. The giant steam train is an experience all in itself; and although it definitely isn’t the Harry Potter train, it can give you a small glimpse of your own journey to Hogwarts. The railway station is an incredibly unique experience and one of the best family days out in Worcestershire. Take a trip down the station and embark on a steam journey like no other. Tickets are relatively well priced and everyone is going to enjoy the journey. Bring a packed lunch or a picnic and jump off at one of the stops to enjoy the surrounding areas. Bridgnorth is a historical town with lots to see and happens to be one of the stops too. If you’re looking for unique things to do in Kidderminster, the railway station is not to be missed!

10. Moorlands Farm Coarse Fisheries

Moorlands Farm Coarse Fishery

Moorlands Farm has 10 pools of varying sizes with 200 pegs across its 10-acre stretch. Moorlands Farm is home to a selection of novice fishers, and professionals competing in competitions. The site is host to loads of events, such as the Drennan All Winners Final, Kamasan British Open, Fish-O-Mania qualifiers, Maiver Pairs Challenge, and NFA/Angling Times Championships, making it a perfect fishing spot for hobbyists and pros alike.

Moorlands is located in DY11 7XN, about 6 miles from the centre of Kidderminster. Days out in Worcester don’t get much better than sitting lakeside with some friends or family, fishing, and having a few cold drinks. For more information, you can get in touch here.

11. Museum of Carpet

Museum of Carpet

The Museum of Carpet is located at the Stour Vale Mill. The mill was built in 1855 and was the first carpet mill to be powered by steam in the UK. The museum officially opened in 2012 in honour of the historic carpet-making industry in Kidderminster. The museum offers guests the opportunity to watch the Woodward Grosvenor weavers, as well as several other hand demonstrations, and insight into a typical workday in the carpet mill.
General admission tickets start at £10 and the museum is open 10-1:30 each day, except Sunday, Monday, and Friday. The museum is a great insight into some of the history of Kidderminster and its respective trades.

12. Stanleys Farm Shop

Stanleys Farm Shop

For a more relaxed and casual day out in Kidderminster, a trip to a farm shop is a great suggestion. Stanleys Farm Shop is located near Chaddesley Court and has around 250 acres. It’s owned and run by the same family, growing lots of gorgeous produce, such as potatoes, sprouts, strawberries, carrots, and lots of herbs, as well as a wide variety of fresh fruit, meat, bread, cakes, and the opportunity to hand pick from fields of fresh produce. Stanleys Farm shop is a great example of a thriving small business with lots to offer the wider community. Pick a warm morning and take the whole family fresh produce picking for some great quality fruit and veg, and a lovely day out. Days out in Kidderminster don’t get much better than picking your favourite fresh produce and enjoying a walk around the farm shop. For more information, or if you need to get in contact with the farm shop, click here

Best Things to Do in Kidderminster

That concludes our list of the best things to do in Kidderminster. We’ve tried to give lots of variety for those looking for adventure, exercise, relaxed weekend trips, and family days out in Kidderminster. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s definitely something for you to enjoy in the Kidderminster area.

Whether it be immersing yourself in history and culture, picking fresh fruit and veg, or simply enjoying Kidderminster’s nature; you’re bound to have a brilliant day out in Kidderminster.

For more information or to book your next exciting paintballing experience – get in touch today.