10 Surprising Business Benefits Of Playing Paintball

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Paintball Corporate Away Day

A corporate paintball day is an organized event where employees from a company get to participate in paintball games and activities as a group, allowing them to connect and socialise outside the work environment, which can result in a host of benefits for your team and business.  

The importance of a corporate away day is in the design, as the team is taken from their daily environment to a more dynamic and interactive setting where they can engage with one another in a fun and informal manner. Paintball is ideal for this as it offers multiple opportunities for people to get to know each other better, and at PPK, we have eight fantastic and diverse game zones, all with varying objectives and layouts, that can help your team develop new skills that can be transferred to the workplace.  


Paintball requires players to work together to achieve a common goal, mirroring the collaborative efforts needed in a workplace. It encourages communication, coordination and teamwork as participants must strategise and execute plans together if they want to succeed.  


Individuals are often placed in leadership roles on the paintball battlefield, providing an opportunity to develop and showcase their skills at organising and progressing a team. Leaders must make quick decisions, motivate their team and adapt strategies on the go. A paintball day is a great opportunity for employees who are not in these roles to demonstrate their capabilities and draw attention to their potential.  


The game requires players to think strategically, anticipating the opponent’s moves and come up with effective tactics or counters. It is a great way to train the brain to look at any new problem and approach it in a logical and pragmatic way to reach a positive resolution.  


A game of paintball can level the playing field, even more so if your team are all as inexperienced as each other, this allows employees of various ages, ranks or areas of expertise to have an equal opportunity to shine. Strategic thinking and teamwork are more important than physical strength and speed on the paintball field, and this inclusivity can help break down any hierarchical barriers and improve interdepartmental relationships.  


Paintball encourages taking calculated risks and learning from failure. These are two incredibly important aspects of personal and professional growth as they help build resilience to cope with pressured situations and the immediate consequences of your chosen action, whether the outcome is positive or negative.  

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The opportunity for employees to socialise and get to know each other on a personal level is so often overlooked but plays a valuable role in improving a company’s environment and communication. Many people find it much easier to approach colleagues or other departments when they have a personal history with the person. A paintball day gives many opportunities for employees, whose paths rarely cross, to come together and play, which can help bring people out of their shells. 


Playing any games can foster a healthy competitive nature in people, and paintball is fantastic for awakening that spirit amongst a group of employees. Competing in teams in a controlled, friendly environment can encourage individuals to push their limits while still supporting their team members.


Paintball is a physical activity that allows employees to engage in a form of exercise while having fun, which is a great way to let off steam. Taking a break from the usual work environment to engage in a high-energy activity can rejuvenate employees and improve their mental health.  


Not only can participating in a fun, off-site activity like paintball relieve stress, but it can also boost morale and improve employee satisfaction and retention. It allows your team to interact with each other in a non-work context, which is a great way to strengthen relationships and improve workplace culture.  


Paintball can be a physically demanding sport that improves cardiovascular health, endurance and agility. However, it can also be approached from a more considered and stealthier angle, where slow and precise movements win the day. Either way, it will get your team active, which can improve their health, and healthy employees can help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. 


The great thing about paintball is it can be played in any weather, which is handy in the UK, so there is no time of the year when it is unsuitable. This means you could book a corporate paintball day at PPK for your team right now and start to see the immediate benefits back in the workplace.

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