The best paint balling experience in the Kidderminster area

Ever since paint balling was first introduced to the public in the early 80s, it has grown rapidly in popularity, both as a professional organized sporting event and as a fun, adventurous and active leisure activity. Here at Paintball Park, we can provide the best paint balling experience you will find in the Kidderminster area, whether you want to organise a work event or simply for fun. Our paint balling facility is designed, created and run by people who are truly passionate and dedicated to this activity. This ensures that we provide the help and facilities you need to have a great time paint balling, no matter what your previous level of experience is.

When looking to hold a paint balling event the first question asked about a venue is always health and safety. Paint balling is a very phyiscal activity so many people have concerns about this issue. When you come to us, you can rest assured that the safety and comfort of our customers is always at the forefront of our minds.

We are full, accredited members of the UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF), who govern and regulate paint balling across the nation. All of our equipment and environments meet the high standards they have outlined, which means your experience with us shall feature all the thrill, risk and adventure you want without having to worry about putting yourself, your friends or your employees in danger. For these safety concerns we also do not allow anyone under the age of 12 compete or use the equipment at our park.

Whilst many companies like to use our services for corporate and team-building events, it’s the case that a great many people view paint balling as the perfect imaginative party plan. It provides something considerably different from the average party or celebration, and becomes a far more enjoyable and memorable event as a result of this. Whether a half or full day package suits your timing needs, we can lay on and arrange unique scenarios and games to meet your requirements. Whether you want theme based activities, capture the flag contests or just straightforward, fast and frenzied combat, our vast grounds and adaptable surroundings can provide the background you need. As well as offering several different planned scenarios and activities we are always happy to work with you to create unique, customised events that meet your wishes.