Paintball Park offers the paintballing facilities for fun and exciting corporate events in Birmingham

If you’re looking for a unique corporate event, then you should consider a day of paintballing. It’s a way to break down barriers between workers in a wild environment, build their skills and help  them to work together as a team. At Paintball Park, we provide paintballing corporate events for all kinds of Birmingham businesses. Forget boring trust exercises and corporate outings to the same old locations; instead, you and your workforce can go wild in our specialised paintballing park.

Playing paintball helps your workforce to build skills and abilities in many different ways. It helps improve communication between teammates and also includes elements of problem solving. It helps to forge strong bonds in a hectic environment and can improve the ways in which your workforce works together. When you book a corporate event with your team, you can be assured that we have the facilities required to make the day completely enjoyable. We have access to and utilise over two hundred acres of woodland, perfect for expansive games of paintballing. Within this woodland, we have created fifteen distinct gaming arenas, the different rules and objectives of which offer unique experiences. Our trained marshals oversee the games, ensuring that fair play is observed, everyone is safe, and that a good time is had by all. Whether you are a complete beginner or a veteran paintball player, we pride ourselves on being open and accessible to all.

Our facilities allow for a comfortable time when you’re not paintballing or when you’re between sessions. We have a covered safe area to relax in and high quality catering facilities on-site. We’re also fully equipped with flushing toilets. Corporate clients travelling to Birmingham for a day of paintballing can benefit from our help and dedication, helping you with everything from transport to accommodation, helping you to find the right hotel and one that contains any on-site conferencing facilities if they’re needed.

We offer a wide range of games, though we can also create custom games for you and your workforce if so desired. We are fully insured as well so you can be assured that you are in a safe environment with us. Promising one of the more unique corporate events available for businesses in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, paintballing can help colleagues bond and provide an exciting event that is sure to be talked about for months.