Paintball Park is proud to offer special team building days for clients from across the West Midlands

Paintballing is one of the best team building exercises you can choose because many games require players to work together to accomplish an objective. Having to capture a flag, defend a position or outwit the opposition all involve the right choice of tactics and working together as a team. The difference between victory and defeat depends on how well people can work together and their ability to decide on the team strategy they will use. All of these skills can translate into the workplace in a practical way.

Paintball Park is a great place to go for team building days, a birthday party, a special occasion or just a fun new experience for you and your friends. The site covers over 200 acres of woodland which gives us ample room to have unique environments set up for the various games we offer. There are 15 different games and we can even design a bespoke scenario for you if you have special requirements.

Several of the games are designed to promote cooperation and teamwork, including attack and defend courses like the Bomb Hole or the Hill and tactical ones like Tank and Wastelands. Each game can be changed slightly to suit the size of your party and make them more enjoyable. If you have your own ideas for games we are happy to hear them and see if we can create an environment for you.

We can provide full day or morning sessions depending on your needs. In the mornings we normally have enough time for 6 games before we break for lunch; if you stay on for the afternoon you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy 5 more. Lunch is included in the price for full day sessions but morning-only players are welcome to stay for it as well.

We ask all players to arrive early, usually between 9 and half past so we can get everybody ready and conduct a safety briefing before play starts. All safety equipment is provided as part of your package along with some ammunition. Additional ammo can be purchased when you place your order and some will also be available on the day if you need to replenish.

Paintball Park is located just outside of Blakedown in the West Midlands. The site is easily accessible and is just 14 miles from Birmingham. There is parking on site so you don’t need to worry about where to leave your vehicle. We are proud to provide team building days and cater for both new and experienced players.