Paintball is an excellent way to have fun, stay active and build closer bonds

At Paintball Park, one thing we know for sure is that dressing up and playing at soldiers is not just for kids. We offer you the fantastic opportunity to come along to our well equipped Birmingham paint balling facility for an unforgettable experience. Paintball is fantastic for all types of events and occasions, from birthdays to work celebrations – even stag and hen parties. If you are about to get married, then what better way to celebrate the last days of your single life then heading into the woods and leading your troops into battle? Whoever emerges victoriously will depend on the team that manages to pull together most successfully, devise effective strategies and of course avoid getting tagged with the dreaded paint splodge.

Our goal is to provide various packages that hold something for everyone, and this means that we offer a fantastically comprehensive selection of paint balling packages in Birmingham. We host corporate team building days, party events and much more. All in all we offer fifteen specially designed games that are individually allocated to areas that make up our vast and incredible 200 acre woodland space. We provide a list of packages that include not only your paintballs but also all the equipment you will need for the day. You can choose from our full and half day options depending on your needs and we also offer bespoke packages if you don’t see something that suits your specific requirements.

We’re always committed to the health, safety and comfort of our clients so you can always look forward to a great experience. We provide on site catering so you don’t have to worry about your team going hungry, and when nature calls you won’t have far to go as we have fully flushing toilets.

Paint balling is the perfect way to have harmless fun and it unites you and your friends in a memorable way which you will no doubt want to experience again. If you have any special requests such as catering requirements or surprises for an unwitting stag or hen, please let us know as we want to do all we can to give you the time of your life. Our experienced marshals are always on hand to watch over the events and give you the best advice regarding strategy. Come paint balling in Birmingham with us for the best day you could imagine – and try not to get marked!