Hosting first class corporate events for all kind of Kidderminster businesses

When it comes to hosting or holding corporate events, paintballing is always a popular option. Kidderminster companies and businesses have come to know and trust the hosting services of Paintball Park. Whether you’re in need of a fun day out, an innovative way to mark an event or anniversary or to engage in some effective team building exercises, holding a paintballing event with us is one of the most enjoyable and memorable ways to do it. Our services are focused on providing the ideal venue and we can offer the level of help and support required to allow you to have the best time possible, whatever your levels of skill and experience.

Although paintballing is a relatively new sporting event, there are many professional teams around the world who engage in tournaments and leagues. Forward thinking businesses have been astute enough to see the benefits of engaging in paintballing. Communication and dependence on the actions of others when participating can help to build tremendous bonds within teams, which makes it a perfect exercise for corporate events and team building. Businesses can experience great benefits back in the working world from participating in these types of events.

We are highly proficient in handling corporate events as many businesses choose to come to us for special occasions or just as a treat for staff. As well as being both passionate and enthusiastic about paintballing itself, our team appreciate and understand how comfort, safety and co-ordination are vital to all who use our services. We want to make sure all our clients enjoy their day or half-day sessions with us and will go the extra mile to ensure this happens. We set up the paintballing scenarios and events that are best suited to your wishes for your corporate event. This can be either from our existing set of events – such as capture the flag games and scenario based activities – or a unique scenario that we have worked on and designed with you, that we will then create and put in place on your behalf. We are here to facilitate the ideal event for your individual requirements.

We are committed to encouraging everyone to experience the fun, excitement and benefits of paintballing. This means that we strive to make corporate events as affordable as they are enjoyable, so that all types of businesses throughout Kidderminster and beyond can participate. Both our existing packages and custom built ones are set up at the most competitive prices possible, made to meet even the toughest of budget constraints.