Our smallest field. A fast and furious game right from the start!

Bomb Hole

Attach and Defend game. Played twice so both teams have a go at attacking and defending. To Win the game successfully defend the hut or attack the hut by placing the bomb inside the hut without getting shot! Try it! – Variations may apply

Jail House

A field of many variations. Used as an Attack and Defend game or Capture the Flag – either from the opposition or first to grab the flag from the middle of the field!


very tactical game, work together to grab the flag from the opposing team’s starting point. Bonus points awarded for the hoops placed somewhere on the field!

Wild West

Yee Haw!!! Come on you cowboys, get that gold from the bank back to your start point to win. Some variations may apply!


With the tank in the middle of the field, your sent to opposite ends of the field. Be tactical and aggressive as both teams are aiming to get the same 6 hoops on the posts. More hoops you get on, more points you’ll get for your team


Another tactical game. Out wit the opposing team to get the flag in the HQ before they do! Variations apply for this game. Maybe used as a attack and defend, or getting the flag from the opposing teams base back to your base.

The Hill

Another game with different variations. Can be played as an attack and defend or teams starting at the bottom of the hill first team to get to the top of the hill and hoist the flag without getting shot!

The Chair

This game is for the ones that don’t mind getting shot. Try and sit on the chair for 10 seconds whilst being shot, protect what you can with the barrel you have to pick up before you sit on the chair!!

The Gauntlet

One for the stags, hens, birthday boys, girl. Are you brave enough to lay down the gauntlet??? Run as fast as you can to the other side!