Who Plays?

By using the booking form on here ( you will receive a confirmation by email), phoning the Office booking line, coming down to the site, or on face book. Old comfy clothes.

How Many Do I Need?

Any amount of people can play, if there’s a few of you, you will join in with others on the day. if you want your own game you will need about20 players and need to state this when you book. we unfortunately can’t do it on day as staff will need to be booked before hand

What Does It Cost?

It ranges from £20 to £60, take a look at our packages to find out which is the best package for you!

Does It Hurt?

Yes. It stings more than hurts. The paintball shots may leave a bruise. The more layers/ padding you have on will help soften the hits you get.

What Will I Get?

A great day…The thrill and wanting to come back again.

When Can I Play?

We are open 7 day a week all year, every weekend, mid week games min number 15 players are required. Ring our booking line to check availability on a date you have in mind.

How Do I Book?

By using the booking form on here (you will receive a confirmation by email) phoning the office booking line, coming to the site, or on Facebook.

What Do I Wear?

Old comfy clothes. Decent footwear like boots or trainers.

What Does My Day Involve?

Arriving at 9-9.15 getting booked in and kitted up, given a safety talk and your paint issued. You will play approx 6 games in the morning and then stopping for lunch playing a further 4 or 5 games after lunch ending the day around 4. Half day players will finish at lunch time.

Can I Have Lunch With A Half Day Package?

Yes at a cost of £1.50 per person

What Is For Lunch?

Hotdog & chips. Vegetarian option of a soy burger & chips, This is included in the all day package. Cost of £1.50 for anyone on half day package if you want to stay for lunch.